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Timeflow's page

Hai guys! I'm Timeflow, really just somebody who likes to experiment glitches in games. I like to hide my name on everything. Hope you all like my contributions!

Games I do

I like 2d and 3d platformers for 3ds and ds. I also have some mario rpg like bowsers inside story, paper jam and partners in time.

2d platformers

I play New super mario bros 1, 2, wii, and u.

3d platformers

Super mario 3d land is my fav, but I also own super mario 64 ds.

2.5d games

The only game in this category I own is super paper mario.


I own bowsers inside story, paper jam and partners in time (the last one is my favorite).

Glitches I do

The main games I glitch out are:

2d platformers

New Super Mario Bros. ds and New Super Mario Bros. 2

3d platformers

Super Mario 3D Land


Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

Important stuff

Where I put the important things.

It's exam week! Halp meh!

Find me elsewhere!

Miiverse: Timeflow (ADF2Goldcanty1)

Wikipedia: Timeflow X (

Kirby wiki: Timeflow X (

Smg4 wiki: Timeflow X (