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Hi, I'm Supermariofan121.

I love using my Mii when playing my Wii. Whenever I can play as my Mii, I do it! If my Mii isn't available, though, I use Mario. Mario rocks!!

I nicknamed my Wii the "Idiot Box". That's what my dad calls it. I once tried to make a Bouldergeist page, only to figure out that there was already one. No wonder I couldn't find it before. Every time I did a search for it, I spelled his name wrong! My wimpy attempt to make a Bouldergeist page has mysteriously disappeared. Oh, well. It stank away.

Me & Games

On Super Smash Bros. Brawl, these are my favorite/best characters:

1. Fox 2. Mario 3. Donkey Kong 4. Captain Falcon

I also made a custom stage called ****'s Labyrinth. It's awesome!! I replaced my name with **** in order to protect my privacy.

These are the systems I own (in order of which I got them):

1. Nintendo Gamecube 2. Game Boy Advance SP 3. Nintendo DS 4. Wii

I HATE Toad! He's that annoying little twerp that gets you when you least expect it and does that annoying laugh when he does.