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A Wii and Wii U gamer who loves Mario! My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Maker and my favorite non-Mario game is easily Minecraft for the Xbox 360. I am a fan of the Game Theorists, Blue Television Games, and Nathaniel Bandy!

Contact Information - Email : YouTube: DeinoStinkusGaming Reddit: DeinoStinkus Xbox 360: DeinoStinkus

Favorite Video Game - Super Mario Maker ||| Favorite Mario Kart Wii Character - Dry Bones ||| Favorite Mario Kart Wii Kart - Bullet Bike ||| Favorite YouTube Channel - Tyfoon ||| Favorite Powerup - Hammer Bros. Suit ||| Favorite Minor Enemy - Boomerang Bro. ||| Favorite Boss - Lemmy Koopa |||

My favorite Koopaling, Iggy. Invent away!