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Status:It should be evident that I have retired for awhile now...

Hey look this is where you can talk to S-Y about anything. Go ahead post anything I really don't mind. Now if you didn't understand that, that means that there are no rules, except stuffz like regular Mwiki rules (eg: no swearing uncensored) Here's some basic things you should know.

  • Put a new header up instead of just continuing on with some other person, or just put your comment on the same header, like ==Hay Sup S-Y==
  • I know alot of stuff about games, so you can ask me that too. No srsly, just tell me which game. I can probably give you advice for it.
  • stop reading this and post damn it
  • ...Just TRY and insult me, see what I do.
  • I sprite only if it's basic, like adding Mario's hat to a Luma or something, Recoloring is also easy I guess. However I might not take on your request the day you post it, cause I got other stuffz to do too :P. I'll try my best in other words.
  • Sign your comments damnit or else i'll sign it for you, and i hate doing that D:
  • hey look another rule.
  • Well I dunno, just say anything basically.
Hey look it's Super-Yoshi's talk archive box thingy so you should click the show button if you wanna learn more about this fantastic thing that you are reading right now.