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             "hey,bowser!you like shells? i've got a shell-shocking surprise!"

-shrooba cola, mario kart 7 hi, my name's shrooba cola. i'm new to the world of being a user, so don't worry if it doesn't seem that good. if you have any suggestions about how to make my userpage better, share them with me on my talk page.


                                                               i gave myself a template:reminder to remind myself not to do 
                                                               anything that will get me in ISS


two beta tracks from MKDS

when i was 15, i decided to start a project where i'd played the mario RPG's. i started with mario RPG and the paper mario series, because the wii had them on virtual console and was compatible with gamecube games. i had just finished PM:TTYD and gone to the store to by super paper mario. when i opened the box, there was no picture on the disk. it was just gray. i thought nothing about it at the time, but i soon realised i should have bought a different copy. it started at level 3. the first thing i noticed that when i entered the door, the chapter was still the bitlands, but the subchapter, instead of saying: "when geeks attack", it said: "DIE!" everything went smoothly for a while. then, randomly, mario began losing HP! i tried as many healing items he had required, but nothing worked. finally, it stopped at 1 HP. but then something offscreen hit mario, he buckled and fell, and the taunting words "GAME OVER" appeared on the screen. when mario arrived at flipside, i switched to peach. her clothes were different, her skin was pale, and her crown was pointier. she now looked like the shadow queen from PM:TTYD. ignoring this, i entered the doorr. this time, the sub-chapter was entitled: "TURN BACK NOW!" the level was entirely black, except for princess peach, and even she was merely a white outline. i tried to make her move, but i couldn't. in fact, she couldn't use any of her moves. thenshe flashed breifly and reappeared. this time she could walk. eventually, she came to a strange figure. she stopped and looked at it. it looked to me like luigi tied to a stake. then the screen went glitchy and the words, "YOU COULDN'T SAVE HIM!" appeared. i switched to bowser, but he looked like dark bowser from ML:BIS. once again, he entered the door. this one was called "YOU ARE CONDEMNED!" when the level began, bowser was walking with no eyes. he passed dimentio tied to a stake, then mimi, then finally, himself! then he was on the title screen, walking with no eyes..........