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Hello, and pleased to meet ya! I'm ShimaSakuraba ( real name: Tamra ), and I'm relatively new to Wikia sites in general. I love random trivia and knowledge, so I've decided to see how much I can add as well as learn. I also have a regular Wikia account and a Bulbapedia account of the same name. I would like to make one for TCRF ( The Cutting Room Floor ), though I know nothing in the way of finding unused content. Most of my edits will be minor, like grammer / spelling fixes, but clarity is important. Besides, anything official would require such, right?

I play games near-exclusively on Nintendo systems, but not just Nintendo games. For example, one of my favorite games is Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, though it's on PSP. I bought one used ( read: half-broken ) just to play it, and have never touch it since. Another example is Ōkami, which was originally on PlayStation and Xbox and ported.

I love video game OSTs, and currently have Cave Story's and BIT.TRIP's on my iPod. I have many others that I'd like to obtain via the site Vid-to-MP3.

Top 10 Games

( Note: These change a lot. And are in no particular order. )

  1. Ghost Trick
  2. Doukutsu Monogatari / Cave Story
  5. Super Mario Bros. 3 ( NES )
  6. Pokèmon Black / Black 2
  7. Ōkamiden
  8. The World Ends with You ( username makes it obvious )
  9. Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  10. Animal Crossing: New Leaf