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Mario Wiki is my home, always will be! Thank you everyone for making an amazing wiki!

Results May Vary's Userbox Tower
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Chunky Kong's Disco outfit model, from Donkey Kong 64.
Detective Gumshoe, from the Ace Attorney series.
The (previously) deleted Triforce gif for userbox pages. Original uploader unknown
As a second-party editor to NIWA wikis, I'd like to proudly call myself the bearer of the Rareware logo!

My name is derived from Results May Vary, a studio album from Limp Bizkit. I love Rare games, regardless of whether it is on Nintendo or Xbox. I'm also a mysterious person...

25,858 edits and counting!

Other wikis

I have edited nearly every NIWA wiki. Chances are if you search my username on another wiki, you will find my userpage saying the iconic "Edits and counting!".

My username is Limp Bizkit on a few wikis:

Retired aliases:

Goals in general

  • Improving coverage on Donkey Kong-related content, including finishing the DK Wiki merge.
  • Adding high quality assets to here and other related NIWA wikis, and general cleanup where needed.
  • Trying to add more content on the all-time best company, Rareware, for this wiki and Lylat Wiki (Star Fox Adventures).

Favorite games

No room for having a single favorite, so they're all sorted in no particular order.

Favorite songs

The album cover for Double Wide, the first album from Uncle Kracker
  • Bawitdaba (Kid Rock)
  • Bodies (Drowning Pool)
  • Eat You Alive (Limp Bizkit)
  • Got To B Tru (Steven Curtis Chapman & TobyMac)
  • Heaven (Uncle Kracker)
  • Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters)
  • My Obsession (Skillet)
  • No Sleep till Brooklyn (Beastie Boys)
  • Rawkfist (Thousand Foot Krutch)
  • Rock Hard (Beastie Boys)
  • Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) (Limp Bizkit)
  • Splitt (Comin' Out Swinging') (Reveille & B-Real)
  • Tennessee Mountain Top (Kid Rock)
  • The Slam (TobyMac)
  • What You Got (Reveille)