WIKI COLLABORATION: Mario Party series mini-games maintenance (started 2013 May 27)

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What's this? A wiki collaboration not started by me? That's right! The wiki collaboration got hijacked by me (with approval from the creator, Tucayo himself) because no one was working on it as far as I was concerned. I wanted to take on this project because I like the Mario Party games, and like party games in general such as Crash Bash. Party games are those are unique in that they pack in a bunch of mini-games that often have a curiosity of the aesthetic and game mechanics.

The original task Tucayo made was to relocate the in-game text from the template into the article itself. I decided that there should be additional goals of maintaining the Mario Party series mini-games. Initially, I was about to work on the hard ones, and pass the easy workings onto the participating users, but I was going to the way of how participating users abandoned it for being too tedious (and I usually like doing these things repetitively). As a result, I'm running the wiki collaboration; the additional tasks such as finding the time of the mini-game, and the initial record of the mini-game may recommend input from Mario Party series fans themselves. However, this is set up to bridge onto the next wiki collaboration, which recommends input and knowledge from Mario Party series fans. Please pay attention to the instructs and check list because this page will cover both wiki collaborations.

Because checking every single mini-game to see if any parts of it are complete before finalization is tedious, and that most mini-games that I checked wasn't maintained to a sufficient standard, I will assume that all mini-games aren't maintained. I was originally going to make a detailed check list so that people participating will have an easier time selecting which section that want to tackle, but then I would be making unnecessary work to myself. Off it goes!


crossed out entries entries means it is reserved for the second wiki collaboration for this page; I did this to also release stress from doing these tedious tasks

A0 Template:Minigame-infobox is added
A1 {{{image}}} – Image file is 260px
A2 {{{type}}} – Type of mini-game(s) added
A3 {{{time}}} – Time limit added; mention specifics
A4 {{{record}}} – Time limit added; if it exists

"Content" section
B0 "Content" section added
B1 "Gameplay" subsection added
B2 "Gameplay" subsection has sufficient info
B3 "Game mechanics" subsection added, has sufficient info
B4 "Outcome" subsection added, has sufficient info
B5 "Controls" subsection added, has info from the game
B6 Template:Button utilized properly

"Setting" section
C0 "Setting" section added
C1 "Context" subsection added, has sufficient info
C2 "Introduction" subsection added, has sufficient info
C3 "Ending" subsection added, has sufficient info

D0 "In-game text" section added, has sufficient info
D1 "Names in other languages" section named properly


Check list

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