Destructive Pursuit (Mario Party Zero)

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this is a joke entry, but it emphasizes what the Mario Party series mini-games should look like; don't take it as fact, I'm just releasing stress from this wiki collaboration, just having fun; it might not be finished

Destructive Pursuit
Mario Party Zero.
Mario Party Zero-2.
Type 10-player battle mini-game (Mario Party Zero)
4-player battle mini-game (Mario Party Zero-2)
Time Limit 60 seconds

Destructive Pursuit is a 10-player battle mini-game in Mario Party Zero, and a 4-player battle mini-game in Mario Party Zero-2.


The players sitting on their chairs covered in cool swag are playing a card game together in a Toad House. Interrupted by an angry Bowser and his troops, everyone screams and goes through the backdoor of the house, which prompts them to roar in anger.


The players must avoid getting harmed, and being captured. All the players have two hitpoints until they are knocked out from the mini-game. Enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills,

The remaining players

In Mario Party Zero-2, the playfield of the mini-game is smaller to reflect the smaller amount of players. Due to this, only Bowser is the only one pursuing against the players.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump
  • A Button + B Button – Ground Pound
  • B Button (holding) – Run
  • B Button – Use Power-Up
  • Z {holding) – Camera mode

In-game text

Mario Party Zero

  • Game Rules"Bowser and his troops are onto you for snagging his treasures. They're prepared to chase after you as much as possible. Survive or be toast!"
  • Advice"Look for power-ups that can you defend yourself from their mayhem, especially Invincibility Stars!

Mario Party Zero-2

  • Rules"Bowser is taking a pursuit against you. Speed away and hold onto the loot you snagged from the King of Koopas."
  • Hints"Not only there are power-ups, but there's a rare item called a Transformative Suit that lets you transform into another character, or an enemy for a limited time."


  • It is speculated that the mini-game was originally named Bowserzilla Rampage, but it was renamed because players might have expected a godzilla-sized Bowser chasing after the players in the mini-game.