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Welcome to my Userpage
I am a fan of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Toad. Well, what else i could say, but enjoy!
Welcome to my Userpage that serves as my site too. I hope you enjoy visiting here, but please also visit my blog here. And if you are using my pics for your site, please credit Princesspeachfan2008(me) or
Princess Peach rules!!!

tdaisy.gif tpeach.gif

~I took the "Which NC are you? test" twice! *sweating face*
Go to Which NC are you test if you want to take the Which NC are you test

Princesspeachfan2008's Userbox Tower


Princess Peach Temple-a Subpage dedicated to Princess Peach
Fan Arts page
Toad Mystery-one info you have missed about Toads.