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Welcome to my page.

Who's online: Yoshi the SSM, SethAllen623, Koopa con Carne, SuperLuigiDude, Spotlight-mkt, CBFan5, MkMaster08, Benjaminkirsc, Archivist Toadette, Waluigi Time, Juju1995, Fflyboyray, E, Ray Trace, Dokotroopi, Scrooge200, Bee Kirby, Bri-11, Mirage6485, WaluigiLegacy

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Stuff on games I do

Side Move: Star Shooter, PA shoots stars out of her hands

Down Move: Spin Slap, PA spinds really fast with her arms out, and slaps the other people

Up Move: Dizzy Darling, PA jumps up and spins so fast that the other people get so dizzy they fall down

Standard Move: Star Splash, PA shoots stars all around the stage, and floods the place

Final Smash: Rainbow Flood, PA shoots water out and she shoots up in the air, and the water floods the people

Enterance: A Huge star comes crashing on to the stage, and smoke comes out, then PA comes walking out waving, then StarDasher runs out with a big goofy smile

Taunt A: PA and SD high five eachother

Taunt B: PA flips her hair and looks over her sholder and SD looks away

Taunt C: PA shouts Come and get it suckers and SD gives out a big loud bark

Mega Strike: PA jumps up in the air and sprends wings and flaps so hard the ball goes flying full speed

Super Ability: SD grows really big, and PA rides her and she runs over everything in her path

My Brothers

I have 2 little brothers that are on here every day, there is Koopa-Troopa and Para-Goomba