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Well, I've finally plucked up the courage to join this nutty site. :P I won't be very active much, though.

I am the Patinator, a resident of several sites;, Smash World Forums, and the Smash Wiki. I figured that I would join this site and help out as much as possible.

I don't have much to say here, really. Just be nice! I'm here to have some fun and get the facts straight when it comes to Mario.

I hope to make some friends here! :)

About Me

Not that anyone needs this info... But here's some random stuff about me.

Name: Nuh-uh. My user name stems from my first name. That's all you get.


Gender: Male.

Weirdness Level: Over nine thousand.

I enjoy the following:


Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee


My hair


Mario Kart Wii, Double Dash!!, DS, and 64

Super Mario Galaxy, 64, and Sunshine


I do not enjoy the following:

The "Crude Humor" ESRB rating (General, that is attributed to people of what age, now? Hmm...)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Flaming, hating, stupidity, etc.

Characters I wanted in Smash Bros. Brawl

Bowser Jr.: He'd make a great character, right? Kinda fast, kinda powerful... Fireball to the left, Bullet Bill to the right, Shadow Mario in your face...

Paper Mario: He, too, would make a great character; his hammer and badge moves that deal with jumping would be nice. And he could have an easter egg like Snake with Goombella, Goombario, and Tippi!

Daisy: She would be themed from the spin-off games; Strikers or Golf/Baseball/Tennis outfit, and she'd have moves that deal with kicking, punching, bats, balls, tennis rackets, etc. And her Final Smash would be running across the screen in a Kart! @_@

Kamek: Okay, so his moveset would be a little hard to make up, but he'd be nice, I guess...

Mewtwo: Yeah, how'd he get cut under Jiggly?! O_O

Ridley: Metroid needs more representation. Bosses and stages won't cut it. Ridley's the second most important Metroid character, so only an idiot would put *_Metroid_Character_* in before Rid.

Dark Samus: DS would give the Prime series decent repping. Plus, it would give Metroid enough characters.

[Will be updated some other time]

Brawl Character Tips

If you need help when it comes to playing with the following characters, drop a line on my talk page and I'll give you tips. And I'll learn some stuff too. :P



Meta Knight




Also, if you need help going through Boss Battles on Intense... I'm here.


I am incredibly honored. The first article I created... Is...

Smash Bros. DOJO!!. Aren't I the epic one? Although, I'm not sure it turned out right... If anyone has tips, tell me...

...SOMEONE DELETED IT?! It was on the wanted pages thing, though! D: D: D: I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. I know that there's no way to protect my work but I don't care. Why did a wanted page get deleted?! SOMEONE TELL ME ON MAH TALK PAGE.