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I am Party Toad and my favorite mario chracter is toad I own a wii and a gameboy advanced and my friend has a DS and a gamecube so I can play all the latest nintendo games and I am counting the seconds till brawl and hoping for toad to be in it. I really am probably addicted two video games mainly mario but also the sims but I lost intrest in the that ever since I got my Wii. The games for Wii I have are, Wii Sports, Wii Play and Mario Party 8 probably one of the best Mario Party games through it would be better with an internet conection, despite the fact how my USB connecter broke, I don't realy care it didn't do mutch but I gonna replace it.........maybe only if I see more games using it. Despite the fact of having a GBA I do not have any mario games, in fact I dont have any games for it even through I had it since 2002!! My friend who owns a DS has nintendogs, whitch I bairly play Mario Kart Ds wich I could play for 5 hours straight but my favorite is probably one the best game ever made, Yoshis Island DS unfortunetly I am currently stuck on World 3-1 on the waterfall I find it nearly impossible to beat it. Finaally my friend has a gamecube the funny thing is I am getting or have all the sequels to theese games, Super Mario Baseball MarioKart Double Dash Mario Party 7, the main reason I have Mario Party 8 and my favorite game Super Smash Smash Bros Melee unfortunetly my friend doesnt have a memory card for it so I never get a chance to play as Luigi my favorite chracter which is for the better because my friend plays ganon cheap. I sometimes do listen to video game music, my favorite is the fever pitch of dr.mario. If youre wondering how I play the 64 I play it at my Aunts house during thanksgiving because my uncle owns it but Ive been terrible at it I did terrible at the game Super Mario 64 I'm just not used to the controller althrough I did good at Mario Kart 64 I just hope Im good at Super Mario Galaxy. My real name is Tyler Gray and I live in Conneticut with my parents and sister but she is looking for colleges I just want her out so I can have the computer to myself. I a;so beileve there should be remake of mario paint BADLY thats it. YES, I got a DS for hanakah and I am going to get New Super Mario Bros despite the fact of how well written the article is and I recently got Super Mario Galxay for christmas.

If I were a game deisighner I would create these games

  • New Super Mario Bros 2- Super Mario Bros 2 but more Mario like elements
  • Donkey Kong Wii- I know there is already an article on this but it looks pretty grimm they second party devolper would probably that company that made Jungle Climber and that other one Using Wii's motion remote for Donkey kong moves.
  • Yoshi Piont & Click - A game staring Yoshi saving Mario Peach and Luigi from Bowser and mabe introduce a new chracter to ride Yoshi and use the wIii mote to piont were to throw eggs
  • Mario Piant DS- The title says it all
  • Wario and Walugi- Wario game with Waliugi thats all I ask
  • Mario Ultimite Golf Tour- Just a Wii version of toadstool tour
  • Mario Super star Tennis- I cant beileve there have been no attemps at this
  • Super Smash Bros. Ds- COME ON this game most go handheld if the made the Kart series like that