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I'm Papermariofan on most forums, otherwise I'm Paper or PMF. My name is barely taken, so it's easy to find me on forums. But if you really want to know, I only go on Nintendo forums or game related forums.

The first Major forum I've been to was Nintendo's actual forum, Nsider. I made some new friends (about 10) there and made a sprite character originally called Tubba Shy Guy. (Recolored shy guy to Tubba Blubba colors)

As my name reads, Paper Mario is, and ALWAYS will be, my all-time favorite game and favorite N64 game. I'd put all the things I know about it if they weren't already made. But it's not the only game I ever played. I really like RPG's too, especially Mario RPG's. Something I find remarkable about my playing style is that 99.8% of the time I play games, I don't use a walkthrough/guide or anything of the sort. My most memorable moment in gaming was beating the Shadow Queen with a mere 1 HP left.

To contact me..


A. E-mail me at


B. PM (Personal message) me at Nsider