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This sub page contains all the work I am doing up to this day. This is what I've did so far. Sections marked in gold and are bold are NOT pages that'll be in the namespace.

List of game rewards

This page contains all the rewards received in a game when completing a specified task.

Game Goal Reward received
Super Mario Bros. Complete the normal game World selection; harder game
Super Mario Bros. 3 Complete the game Item Inventory full of P-Wings
Super Mario World Complete the Special World
Find all exits
Slightly changed Overworld; slightly harder game
None (JP); 96 denoted with a star (US); 96 clad in blue color (EU)
Super Mario 64 Complete the game Cannon unlocked which leads to Peach's castle's roof, with a lone Yoshi that gives the player 100 lives
Luigi's Mansion Gather 150 million G "Luigi's NEW Mansion"; message "Congratulations! Your mansion is complete!"
Super Mario Galaxy Gather each Star Unknown
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Collect all trophies
Collect all stickers
Unlock all characters
Message: "You've gotten all of the trophies! Congratulations! And thank you!"
Message: "You've gotten all the stickers! Now start stickering!"; Stickers trophy
Message: "You can now use all fighters! Now the real battle begins!"; Events 14-20 unlocked & Message: "You've added a new game mode! Choose All-Star from the Solo menu."; All Star mode unlocked
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Collect one million coins Congratulations message; brand new title screen with gold background and a Gold Mario statue

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Guide

Welcome to the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Guide where you can find nearly every information about the items, enemies etc. in New Super Mario Bros. 2!

So, let's go on.


SuperMushroomNSMB2.png – This little fungus called Super Mushroom will turn Mario into Super Mario. In this state you can break bricks by jumping below them or by ground pounding on them.

FireflowerNSMB2.png – A red-yellow-white flower that turns Mario into Fire Mario–no matter if you're either Small Mario or Super Mario. While being Fire Mario, you'll be able to shoot hot fireballs to enemies. Not only you can defeat enemies you couldn't previously–you can also shoot fireballs under water!

SuperleafNSMB2.png – A brown, striped leaf with eyes. Touching it will turn Mario into Raccoon Mario. In this state, you can tail-whip enemies and do slow descents by holding B Button. When running, the P-Meter found at the bottom-left of the screen will fill up. When full, Mario can jump and by then fly for a short time getting to otherwise unaccessible areas.

24px – A sparkling star that jumps right after it comes from a block. Touch it, and you'll be invincible for a period of time. You will run at superfast speed, thus allowing you to make VERY long jumps. Hitting enemies will reward you with growing points, and if you hit an 8th enemy you'll start racking up lives until the star's power ends.

GoldFlower.png (New!) – Don't get fooled from its simple appearance–touch it and Mario will be transformed in a gold (silver if you play as Luigi) version of himself. You can shoot fireballs like Fire Mario, but, these fireballs are golden and will blast when they hit a wall or a block. The blast's radius can transform brick blocks into gold coins. It's pretty useful when racking up coins to reach millions!!

MiniMushroomNSMB2.png – Do you think this is worth nothing? THINK AGAIN! Touch it and Mario shrinks to a tiny size. Mario can then pass small gates and enter small pipes. An useful item for who wants to at every cost to complete 100% the game. Be careful though: one hit and you instantly lose a life.

MegamushroomNSMB2.png – An extremely rare item that you can only obtain if you repeatedly shoot fireballs to a coin-tossing pipe. Make Mario take it and he will grow to a unimaginable size. From this point the level will be your temporary stomping park. Make HIGH use of this item as after some time Mario will grow back to Super Mario, no matter what powerup you had before. If you cross in time the flagpole you'll receive a reward of three 1-UP Mushrooms.

Coin - New Super Mario Bros 2.png – A coin with a stylized "1" engraved on it, worth 100 points. Grab 100 of them to get an extra life. Grab 1,000,000 of them during your play time to get a nice prize–a new title screen with a gold Mario statue at the center. Coins also come in several varieties such as 10 Gold Coins and 100 Gold Coins.

RedCoinsNSMB2.png – Red coins that behave in a similiar way to normal coins. They only appear after you cross a red ring. Get 8 of them and you will get either a powerup or an 1-UP Mushroom.

InvincibilityleafNSMB2.png – Gold and white striped leaf which is very rare. It only appears if you lose five times in a row in a level. Getting it will turn Mario into White Raccoon Mario, without regaring the current powerup. Unlike normal Raccoon Mario, White Raccoon Mario will fill up the P-Meter faster.

1upmushroomNSMB2.pngGoldMushroomNSMB2.png (Coin Rush) – A green mushroom with white spots. Take one and get an extra life. If you play Coin Rush, these are replaced by golden mushrooms which are worth 50 or 100 coins, depending on your progress.

GoldenringNSMB2.png – A gold ring. Cross it and every enemy turns golden. Profit about this: they give coins when they are defeated. Most enemies give you coins in several ways.

GoldbrickblockNSMB2.png – If you get more than 10 coins from a brick block, the latter will turn golden. Ground pound it or jump below it and you'll find yourself with a gold block on your head. Run, jump, do everything you want: coins will rack up at a high speed. After a lot of coins are depleted from the block, it'll explode in gold confetti. If you already have a gold block on your head and create another one, the latter will spit out coins and then explode in gold confetti.

50goldenblock.png – A block that has an always changing number (ranging from 5-10-30). Hit it and the desired number of coins will come out of it. In some cases the block will flash a red 50 number on it, giving the number of coins.

P-Switch NSMB2.png – A blue switch with a P imprinted on it. Stomp it and it will cause some effects. Such effects are brick blocks turn into coins and vice versa. Not only–some hidden blue coins can also appear!

PowBlockNSMB2.png – A red-orange-black block with a white text saying "POW" engraved on it. Hit it and a blast of power will hit adjacent blocks. Brick Blocks will reveal some coins when they are hit. What does "POW" mean? Who knows… it could be a secret!


24px – Brown mushroom-like enemies called Goombas. They're pretty weak–stomp on one and it'll be defeated. Attention though–don't just run towards them. They're colored blue in ghost houses.

32px – Biped tortoises which are red or green, called Koopa Troopas. They walk back and forth. Red ones turn when next to a pit, green ones just fall to their demise… indeed. Stomp one and it'll retrat in its shell, ready to be carried and then thrown. But if you hold one for too much time… it'll surprise you by attacking you while it gets back from its shell. When passing a gold ring the Koopas' shells will leave a trail of coins when thrown and rack up coins when they hit enemies.

ParatroopaNSMB2.png – Koopas that have wings grown on their shells, in this case they are called Koopa Paratroopas. Stomping on one will make it lose its wings and become a normal Koopa. You can find them flying in circles, back and forth or just jumping.

24px – Sub-species of Koopas, with a nose, a tip of hair and goggles called Lakitus. They ride on their own cloud, stalking you until you clear the level by throwing you spiked eggs. By stomping on one you can ride on its cloud for some time. When you pass a gold ring, they will throw you three coins, and their clouds will release coins when ridden, much like the golden Brick Blocks.

32px – Spiked eggs thrown from Lakitus. They will "hatch" (do they really?) into spiked little Koopas called Spinies. They're completely defended by their spikes, so don't waste precious time by jumping in them, you just get hurt.

BulletBillWii.png – The so-called bullets with angry eyes and white arms, called Bullet Bills. They are shot by Bill Blasters and… they just go to an "adventure". Passing a gold ring will make them release coins much like Koopa Troopas.

48px (New!) – What has science fallen in?!?! By the way, these are Piranha Plants… only made of bones (what doesn't make sense is that plants don't have bones or are made of, yet this species does.). They're called Bone Piranha Plants. Unlike normal Piranha Plants, these are immune to normal fire (cheaters!!). You need to tail-whip 'em or use a gold fire ball.

24px (New!) – Blue Goombas that wear a white skull. They're called Bone Goombas (are they made of bones? NO!), but I'll go for Skull Goombas (more fitting). Skull Goombas behave in an identical way to normal Goombas… and they don't have nothing special.

Nsmb2boohemoth.jpg (New!) – Giant Boos that are more giant than normal Giant Boos. They're called Boohemoths. They appear out of nowhere while you're progressing in ghost houses. If you look at them for a while, they will peek through their hands and progress as nothing happened.