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Hi! I love to play games, watch TV and use a computer. I often go on Youtube.

Ask Negetive Koopa Troopa


You: Nice Shell! It's green and had a octagon pattern on it! Negetive Koopa Troopa: Thank you!

You: You look so cute, Negetive Koopa! Negetive Koopa Troopa: Thanks!

You: How much was your green shoe cost? Negetive Koopa Troopa: I bought it for free, no coins.

You: What do you do when you're afraid of something? Negetive Koopa Troopa: I'll hide into my shell.

You: Are you born with a shell? Negetive Koopa Troopa: No.

You: What is your favorite color? Negetive Koopa Troopa: Green.

You: I heard you only speak gurgling language. Can you talk in some games? Negetive Koopa Troopa: Yes.

You: Who are your good friends? Negetive Koopa Troopa: Negetive Paratroopa (he look like me but with a red shell and wings), Negetive Dry Bones, (he look like me who was dead), and Negetive Bowser.

Negetive is a good slang for the word, "Negative."

Here's my userbox page: User:NegetiveK00PA/Userboxes

Here's my signature: User:NegetiveK00PA/Sig

Here's my story: User:NegetiveK00PA/The Story of a 7 Year Old Great Gonzales Jr.

Here's my Mario character reviews: User:NegetiveK00PA/MyCharacterReviews

My Preditions of the Top 10 Real Life Things That Annoy Dry Bones in Nintendo-ish Life

MP8 DryBones.png

10. Email Address 9. Dumb People 8. Facebook 7. Sad People Closing Their Eyes Too Hard When They Cry. 6. Three Letter Abbreviations like "OMG" or "FTW" 5. Wasting Resources 4. Angry People 3. Seventh Thing on the List as a Baby. 2. Bad Words 1. Killing

My games

If you see an artwork of Admiral Bobbery next to the game's name, it means 100% complete. I will add more when I get my Wii U for Christmas, because I will only show my Nintendo 3DS games:

PMTTYD Bobbery Artwork.pngSuper Mario 3D Land
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Pilotwings Resort
Kid Icarus Uprising



Something Good

Paratroopa NSMB artwork.png Congratulations! You got this! Hop on its back to ride to another location!

Gallery of Epicness


Paratroopa NSMB artwork.png
Affiliation(s) NintendoCapriSun
First appearance YouTube
Latest appearance I can't remember
Subject origin Koopa Troopa (if you have cried for a total of 1 year)
Notable members
His Fans
Loss of $400
Paratroopa NSMB artwork.png
Affiliation(s) Loss of 4,000,000 HP
First appearance l4me
Latest appearance l4me
Subject origin Koopa Troopa (as a money loss if your not careful)
Loss of $450