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Mystery is ALWAYS looking. When you aren't, she is!

WARNING TO WARIO: If you cross MY turf, you will be OWNED by Hammers!

Lost Mini Star09 is my best friend!

My Probable Bit, a Meet & Greet with different characters from the series...

Me: Hi. Please, me call Mystery for short, if you will. Today we'll visit the Comet Observatory and see Rosalina.

Rosalina: Hi, Mystery! How's it been since I last saw you?

Me: Awful. Accidentally ran over a Chain Chomp. It's lost a life.

Luma: Hi, Mystery! Polari wants to see you.

Me: I've gotta go. Bye, Luma!

Luma: Bye, Mystery!

Note: On the Mario Forums I'm known as "Mystery"

My sig

MysteryGirl2012 {{{1}}}

The 'Shroom Concerns

Hi. I'd like to join The 'Shroom, but I'm not sure if I'll make the cut. I'm a nicely skilled writer, and I'll probably do all I can to get the space you'll allow me. I'll probably join a PipeProject pretty soon, one that I know people can rely on me for.

Friend box.

paper self

This is Luigi's dead body.

Which vanished.