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Hello I'm Moolala. I love multiple series from Nintendo ( including Mario obviously ) and a bit from SEGA and maybe a few others. I'm male and I've been very impressed by the Super Mario Wiki ever since I first saw it. Honestly I'm a very strange person, however you won't find me making octopus noises and typing random letters because I'm too scared to offense other users, and anyways it would make the wiki look bad. I'm a normal gamer and can do a few tricks, however I'm not an expert and probably a lot worse than all or most of you. This is mostly because whenever I stop playing a game and start playing another one for a while I often forget how to play the first game I played and whenever I play the first one I played it's back to square one, and as you can imagine the same thing happens when I come back to the second game I played. However saying Back to square one is an exaggeration ( for most games ), as multiple games are similar and so my skill and hard work is not completely lost ( luckily ). I often travel to Mexico and I love stuffed animals and although that may seem babyish they're a lot like Mario himself and don't mind to be used as replacements for number blocks in math problems. I love cooking and I don't enjoy swearing, real violence ( on shows or games I'm fine with fighting ), spam, gore, rudeness, extremely inappropriate comments or pictures and everything related so please don't do or bring up any of it, and we are all smart people ( except for maybe spam distributing AIs ) and we all have at least an idea what's right and wrong ( once again with an exception for the AIs ) however I will tolerate swearing and rudeness if you think it is necessary. I live in Canada normaly though.

Oh god, I haven't been here in so long. I don't plan on leaving the wiki ('cause I love it too much,) and the only reason I haven't been here is because of dumb, dumb, dumb, and dumb school. It wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much work... A lot has happened to me and there is about no way I can sum it all up. All you need to know is that I've started doing Mario thingies in real life, and that I am actually a stuffed cow (strange, I know) not a glass of milk (it does represent me, however.) Now... to making a userbox tower, and ˮhandifulˮ Wiggler!

I now hate computers, dearly. This machine almost erased my entire userpage!

These sections will be filled soon if they're not already. (In 10 years.)

My Favorite Characters

Although these are all Mario characters my all time character is Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic series, because I admire her for her polite nature and kindness to everyone ( plus she's adorable! )

This list is not is order of preference.

  1. I usually like everyone
  2. Everyone from this list ( yes, including antagonists )
  3. All babies
  4. Practically every Paper Mario series partner
  5. Multiple enemies
  6. Most RPG exclusive characters
  7. Most Super Smash Bros. characters

`And probably others I'm forgetting to list

Mario ˮThingiesˮ

I have started reproducing, in real life, Mario series elements. Here is a listing of them.

  1. Mario Party Tournament (Upcoming and prepared. I've assembled a couple of Mario Party minigames and started playing them with people I know. If you want to know which minigames ask me here.)
  2. Yoshi Den (Done. Not a true recopy, but still something cool to list. I made a Yoshi Den in my Christmas tree. Pics will arrive soon.)
  3. Yoshi Cookies (Upcoming. I plan to bake Yoshi Cookies.)
  4. Coco Pop (Upcoming. I plan to cook a Coco Pop.)

My Games and Consoles

Only Nintendo consoles and Mario and related games are listed here.



(broke before I could memorize the original games)


Coming Soon!



Game Boy:



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!



Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES model 1.

Status : Broken ( No different color schemes, I think )

2 Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64

Status : Working, Grey

Nintendo Wii

The Wii.

Status : Working, White

Game Boy Color

Status : Working, Green

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo3DS 3.png

Status : Working, Aqua Blue

My Friends

Jimmy724 (Retired :( ), Roxy2469, MarioMan51

About Articles

This is where I post problems about articles with unfixed problems ( that I noticed ) and an unanswered section about the problem ( that I wrote ) on it's Talk Page.

P-Wing ( Talk ) - Super Mario Bros. Special

Audience ( Talk ) - Luigi - Good or Half Bad, Gus Has No Audience

M.P.I.Q ( Talk ) - False name?

My Userbox


My Items/Pets


This is one of the funniest shows ever.

Another video coming soon ( it's not working! )