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Welcome to Mario Kart! No just kidding, it's-a me MasterToad

Well, this is my first page so I apologize for it not being veteran material but I'm getting there.

Anyway,things about me

  • I am 13 year old as of May 19th 2011.
  • I am from Chicago
  • My first video game was Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis
  • My first Nintendo video game was Pokemon Ruby I got for my 5th birthday along with my GameBoy Advance SP
  • My first Mario video game was Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 for the GameBoy Advance
  • I'm a hardcore gamer.


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  • “Harumph! What poppycock! What would you want with me if I were this chap?”-Admiral Bobbery in Paper Mario TYD
  • "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? How does he know Mom has an outie? That jerk!"-Red Cleft in Paper Mario TYD
  • "Bluh huh huh huh huh... How'd you like that? We tried to tell you, but nooooooo..."-Red Cleft in Paper Mario TYD
  • "Oh, go ON, Mr. Comedian! I'm just DYING to hear the rest of your HILARIOUS story!"-Bowser in Paper Mario TYD
  • "Great, just great. Now I look like the huge, mighty King of GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS!"-Bowser in Paper Mario TYD
  • "That's Stewart, the blimp conductor. He checks tickets for blimp passengers. He's what you call a Cheep-Cheep. Normally they don't hang out on land, but... They've actually been around for quite a while in the Mario Bros. series, you know. Oh, gosh, I just broke through the fourth wall, there, didn't I? Sorry. Just forget it."-Goombella's tattle on Stewart in Glitzville in Paper Mario TYD

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