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Fake Weather

by Toadwell

Saturday Toad Town 98. Stupid Summer.

Bowser World 77. No warnings. That's unusual...Bowser must be up to something.

Lava World 1937. HOT HOT HOT

Ice World -222 BRAIN FREEZE!!!!! Too bad there's no ice cream in this brain freeze.

Desert World 110 Thwomp Attack!!!!!

Sunday Toad Town 82. Magnitude 5.4 earthquake, also felt in Real World.

Bowser World 777. Holy &#@%, it's hot!

Lava World 910. OVEN TIME!!!!

Ice World -578. Avoid Ice World.

Desert World 111. Hot to HOT!!!!!

Monday Toad Town 75. PIE RAIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Bowser World 1. Wow, cold. Very unusual weather for this season.

Lava World 7569. IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!

Ice World -841. COLD!!! I'M FREEZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!

Desert World 123. AWWWWWWW HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

If you hear booming it's only because Glamdozer and Gobblegut are going out.

Fake Weather next week

by Toadwell

3 Day Weather Forecast

Friday: Toad Town, 45. Huge toad‐nado striking!

Bowser World, 104. C6 hurricane! Bowser World in for evacuation in a different warp pipe.

Desert World, 300. Sandstorms all day.

Ice World, −99. Will be cold forever.

Lava World, 999. Bowser’s Volcano Erupting, STAY INDOORS!

Saturday: Toad Town: 0. No Weather, no Gravity, no Sunlight; no Warnings.

Bowser World: 78. Pie Rain ,use hands to catch pie.

Desert World: 119. HOT HOT HOT!!!


Lava World: 1,167. Lava sprouts near.

Sunday: Toad Town: 74. Sunny all day!!!

Bowser World: 86. Overcast.

Desert World: 159. HUMID HUMID!!

Ice World: −109. Freezing Water!! Lava World: 1,793. Lava rain.

Watch for Star Bit rain on Monday!