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Hello, I'm Lemita Koopa. Ummmmm... I work over at the Homestar Runner wiki and also the They Might Be Giants wiki.


Mmkayyyy... I'll try my best here.

Name Origin

I joined Neopets about 3 years ago (and still playing!) under lemmykoopa300. I kept being mistaken for a guy- o_o; -So I made my own character, Lemita, who's name was Lemmy shortened. No, she's not a Koopa. =)

Other Stuff I Like

  • They Might Be Giants
  • Homestar Runner
  • Old Nintendo Stuff: You know, NES era. I'm also quite fond of the N64.
  • Other wikis!
  • Writing
  • Drawing: I draw a bit of manga, but it's all 2-Dish. =(

Favorite Games

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my userpage! Leave me a message, and I'll respond! Sayonara! ^_~