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Hi, I only made this page so my name wouldn't be red.

So here's this.

WarioWare Microgame Genre Speculation

This here is a collection of all WarioWare microgames from Twisted to Smooth Moves (as well as some microgames from the Mega Microgame$!, the D.I.Y. games, and Gold) and I try to guess which Genre (A feature in the Mega Microgame$!, the D.I.Y. games, and Gold) they would fit most into. These even include games that have returned in Gold, mostly due to some games completely changing aesthetics between installments (For example: Beware of Dog would fit under the Animals genre, but its Gold counterpart, Monster Chase, fits under Fantasy).

Note: The only genres that will be left out are Wario and Nintendo themed microgames, as they are the only Genres to appear in games besides Mega Microgame$!, the D.I.Y. games, and Gold.

Here are the list of genres:

  • Sports: Games that involve sports, physical activity (like dancing), or just anything competitive (like competitive-eating or a Whac-A-Mole-esque game).
  • That's Life (formerly called Strange): Games that involve mundane tasks or games that don't really fit into any other genre.
  • Fantasy (formerly called Sci-Fi): Games that involve fantastical themes, such as Medieval fantasy or science fiction. Was pratically a "miscellaneous" genre in Gold, but all non-genre-specific games will be classified under That's Life.
  • Reality: Games that use real life pictures as graphics (whether it's actual people, animals, or objects, or characters made of hand-crafted materials like clay, yarn, etc.).
  • IQ: Games that require a lot of thought. Originally applied for longer microgames, but the extended time limit is no longer exclusive to Orbulon.
  • Nature (just called Animals in D.I.Y. Showcase): Games that involve plants or animals.
  • Food: Games that involve anything edible for human consumption.

Mega Microgames!

Name Image Original Category New Category
Butterfingers WWIMM Butterfingers.png Strange Food
Noodle-Rama WWIMM NoodleRama.png Strange Food
Toast the Ghosts WWIMM ToastTheGhost.png Strange Fantasy
Pompeii Back WWIMM PompeiiBack.png Strange Fantasy
Sunny-Side Up WWIMM SunnySideUp.png Strange Food
Fries With That? WWIMM FriesWithThat.png Strange Food
Noodle Cup Noodle Cup.png IQ Food
What's the Toadal? What's the Toadal.png IQ Nature
Sphinx Hijinks Sphinx Hijinks.png IQ Fantasy
Gear Head Fred Gear Head Fred.png IQ That's Life
Four Leaf Hover Four Leaf Hover.png IQ Nature
Tip the Scale Tip the Scale.png IQ Nature
Electric Groove Fish Electric Groove Fish.png IQ Nature
Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers.png IQ Fantasy or Nature
Catterwall Catterwall.png IQ Nature
Garage Rock Garage Rock.png IQ That's Life
Dungeon Dilemma DungeonDilemma.png IQ Fantasy
Banana Munch WWIMM BananaMunch.png Reality Food
Mirror Mirror WWIMM MirrorMirror.png Reality That's Life
Wrong Way Highway Wrong Way Highway.png Reality That's Life
Bad Man Bash Bad Man Bash.png Reality Fantasy
Berry Berry Good WWIMM BerryBerryGood.png Reality Food
Cat Nap WWIMM CatNap.png Reality Nature
Make My Clay WWIMM MakeMyClay.png Reality Fantasy
Rough Puff WWIMM RoughPuff.png Reality Nature
Hard Core Hard Core.png Reality Food
Cymbalism Cymbalism.png Reality That's Life
Body Block WWIMM BodyBlock.png Reality That's Life or Food
Funky Fountain Funky Fountain.png Reality That's Life or Nature
Assembly Line Assembly Line.png Reality That's Life
What's Your Beef? WWIMM WhatsYourBeef.png Reality Food
Spoon Spectacular WWIMM SpoonSpectacular.png Reality That's Life
Whoop-De-Doodle Whoop-De-Doodle.png Reality That's Life
Raging Rhino Raging Rhino.png Reality Sports or Nature
Veg Out Veg Out.png Reality IQ or Food
Quickie Quiz Quickie Quiz.png Reality IQ
Cheeky Monkey Cheeky Monkey.png Reality Nature
Pod Pinch Pod Pinch.png Reality Food
Shake! Shake.png Reality Nature
Kettle Mettle Kettle Mettle.png Reality That's Life
Alien Laser Hero Alien Laser Hero.png Reality Fantasy
Veggie Might Veggie Might.png Nature Food
Disc O'Dog Disc O'Dog.png Nature Sports
Fruit Fall Fruit Fall.png Nature Food
The Claw The Claw.png Nature That's Life


Mini Spin

Name Image New Category
Avoid-A-Roid Avoid-A-Roid.png Fantasy
Foul Balls Foul Balls.png Sports
Balancing Act Balancing Act.png That's Life
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday.png That's Life
Fancy Footwork Fancy Footwork.png Sports
Doggy Door Doggy Door.png Nature
Hard-Pressed HardPressed.png That's Life
Cat Walk Cat Walk.png Nature
On a Roll Onaroll.png Nature
Foiled Again! Foiled Again!.png Sports or Fantasy
Magnafire Magnafire.png That's Life
Practical Joker Practical Joker.png That's Life
Outta My Way! Outta My Way WWT.png That's Life(?) or Fantasy
Sew Easy Sew Easy.png That's Life
And the Winner is... And the Winner is.png Sports
Sync or Sink Sync or Swim.png Sports
Busted! Busted!.png That's Life
Barrel Roll Barrel Roll1.png Sports or Fantasy
Force Feeding Alienfeed.png Fantasy or Food
Company Picnic Company Picnic.png Fantasy
Red Delicious? Appleslice.png Reality or Food
Coffee Jitters Coffee Jitters.png Food
Assembly Flyin' Assembly Flyin'.png Fantasy
Welcome Wagon Welcome Wagon.png That's Life or Reality
Skyway Highway Skyway.png Sports(?) or Fantasy

Big Tipper

Name Image New Category
Down in the Dumps Down in the Dumps.png That's Life
Feel the Burn Feel the Burn.png Sports
Night and Day Daynight!.png That's Life
Slam Dunk Slam Dunk.png Sports
Dishpan Hands Dish!.png That's Life
Net Profits Net Profits.png Nature
Focus Pocus Focus Pocus.png That's Life
Beware of Dog Monster Chase.png Nature
Circular Logic Circular Logic.png Nature
H2-Woah! H2-Woah!.png Sports
Twist and Sprout Bloom!.png Nature
Bacon Patrol Bacon Patrol.png Nature
Make Way for Martian Make Way for Martian.png Fantasy
Stab in the Dark Stab in the Dark.png Fantasy
Self-Defense Self-Defense.png Sports
Bright Idea Bulb!.png That's Life
Dig This! Digthis.png Fantasy
Daily Grind Coffee!.png Food
Ice Queen Ice Queen.png Sports
Save our Raft! Save our Raft!.png That's Life(?)
Fashion Plate Fashion Plate.png That's Life
Daredevil Daredevil.png Sports(?)
Road Work WarioWare Twisted Road Work.png That's Life
Alternative Medicine Alternative Medicine.png That's Life
One Step at a Time One Step at a Time.png Fantasy

Tap Out

Name Image New Category
Bubblegum Blues Bubblegum Blues.png That's Life
Big Drip Big Drip.png Sports
Rocky Reunion Rockreunion.png That's Life
Vicious Veggies Vicious Veggies.png Fantasy
Nuts! Nuts!.png Nature
The Wave The Wave.png Sports(?)
Contact Lens Solution Contact Lens Solution.png That's Life
Going Postal Going Postal.png That's Life
Launchpad Launchpad.png Nature
Crazy Crush Crazycrush.png That's Life
Falling Asheep Asheep.png That's Life or Nature
Stalled Out Stalled Out.png That's Life or Reality
Thar He Blows Blowit!.png That's Life
Mixed Grill Mixed Grill.png Food
Survival of the Quickest Survival of the Quickest.png Fantasy, Reality, or Nature
Weird Science Weird Science.png That's Life
Slap Jack! Slap Jack!.png Fantasy
Crazy Straw Crazy Straw.png Food
Beauty School Beauty School.png That's Life
Track Star Trackstar.png Sports
Nose Dive Nose Dive microgame WWT.png Fantasy

Steer Clear

Name Image New Category
Shoot the Fruit Shoot the Fruit.png Sports or Food
D.I.Y. WW-T DIY.png That's Life
Key Ring Key Ring.png Sports or IQ
County Fair County Fair.png That's Life
Eating Contest Eating Contest.png Food
Spintecticide Buggy!.png Nature
I Hate Bananas I Hate Bananas.png Fantasy or Food
Handy Man Handy Man.png That's Life
Homecoming King Rugby.png Sports
Wheel of Whack Wheel of Whack.png Sports
Five-Second Rule Five-Second Rule.png Nature
Oral Hijinks Oral Hijinks.png That's Life
Beat-Down BeatDown.png That's Life
Picky Eater Sushi!.png Food
Gyroid Jumble Gyroid Jumble.png IQ
Last Piece Last Piece.png That's Life or IQ
Heavy Lifting Heavy Lifting.png Sports
Home Haircut Home Haircut.png That's Life
Tooth Trouble Tooth Trouble.png That's Life
Picture Perfect Picture Perfect WWT.png That's Life
Laser Lineup Laser Lineup.png Fantasy
Flip Out! Flip Out.png Food
Basic Training Basictraining.png Sports or Fantasy(?)


Name Image New Category
Hat's Off Hat's Off.png That's Life
Tiltillation Tiltillation.png That's Life
Crescent Roll Crescent Roll.png Fantasy
Power Outage Power Outage.png That's Life or Reality
Mooo-ve It! Mooo-ve it!.png Food
Gravi-key Gravikey.png That's Life
Half Full Half Full.png That's Life
Cliff-Hanger CliffHanger.png Sports
Shake Down Shake Down.png That's Life
Heartwrench Heartwrench.png That's Life(?) or Fantasy
Trash Day Trash Day.png That's Life
Half Empty Half Empty.png That's Life
Spout Off Spout Off.png That's Life(?)
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy.png That's Life
Skid Road Skid Road.png That's Life(?), Fantasy(?), or Nature(?)
Balloonatic Balloonatic.png Fantasy(?) or Reality
Spitfall Spitfall.png That's Life
What Goes In... What Goes In....png Food
Open-And-Shut Case Open-And-Shut Case.png That's Life
Shower Power Shower Power.png That's Life
Stumblebot WarioWare Twisted Stumblebot.png Fantasy

Speed Spin

Name Image New Category
Cutting It Close Cutting It Close.png That's Life
Kit-tease Kit-tease.png Nature
Rays the Devil Rays the Devil.png Fantasy
Iron Stomach Iron Stomach.png Food
Wipeout! Wipeout!.png That's Life
Step On It Step On It.png Fantasy
Off the Wall Off the Wall.png That's Life(?) or IQ
Rain of Terror Rain of Terror.png That's Life
Alien Abduction Alien Abduction.png Fantasy
Wrecking All Wrecking All.png That's Life
Micro Golf Micro Golf.png Sports
Nice Catch Nice Catch.png Sports
Opposites Attract Opposites Attract.png That's Life
Nuts and Bolts Nuts and Bolts.png That's Life
Roughing It Roughing It.png That's Life
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron.png Sports
Party Favor Party Favor.png That's Life
Paper Trail Paper Trail WWT.png That's Life
Instant Replay Instant Replay.png That's Life
Cheeky Monkey CheekyMonkey.png Food
Shave the World Shave the World.png Fantasy
Chain Letter Chain Letter.png IQ
Dear John Letter Dear John Letter.png That's Life
Boing! Boing! 00.png Sports(?)

Time Warp

Name Image New Category
Pipe Puzzle Pipe Puzzle.png IQ
Space Passage Air Passage.png IQ(?)
Tapped Out Tapped Out.png That's Life
Dire Plates Dire Plates.png IQ
Deadly Ditty Deadly Ditty.png That's Life
Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup.png IQ
Manual Labor Manual Labor.png Nature
Fine Tune Fine Tune.png That's Life
Green Thumb Green Thumb.png Nature
Wedgies! File:Wedgies!.png Food
Boomerang! Boomerang!.png Sports
Fill in the Blanks Fill in the Blanks microgame WWTw.png IQ
Peak Peek Peak Peek.png That's Life or IQ
Connect the Dots Connect the Dots.png That's Life
Rocket Rotary Rocket Rotary.png Fantasy
Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand.png IQ
Guitar Solo Guitar Solo.png That's Life
Produce Pick Produce Pick.png IQ
About Face About Face.png IQ
Safecracker Safecracker.png That's Life or IQ
High Card Draw High Card Draw.png IQ
Toaster Jam Toaster Jam.png Reality or Food
Crossing Guard Crossing Guard.png That's Life


Touch Training

Name Image New Category
Party Popper Party Popper.png That's Life
Pet Peeved Pet Peeved.png Reality or Nature
Waste with Haste Waste with Haste.png That's Life
Big Bang Big Bang.png That's Life
Taping a Leak Taping a Leak.png That's Life
Sleepy Head Sleepy Head.png That's Life
Up for Grabs Up for Grabs.png That's Life
Tune Out Tune Out.png That's Life
Freak Mutation Freak Mutation.png IQ
Bug Eyed Bug Eyed.png Reality or Nature
Lose Your Marble Lose Your Marble.png That's Life or Reality
Wrap Sheet Wrap Sheet.png That's Life or Reality
Swamp Things Swamp Things.png Nature
Number Cruncher Number Cruncher.png IQ
Perfect Match Perfect Match.png IQ
Housewares Housewares.png That's Life
Profiler Profiler.png IQ
Into the Sunset Into the sunset.png Fantasy
Character Development Character Development.png IQ
Accountant Assault Accountant Assault.png That's Life or IQ
Rump Roast Rump Roast.png Sports or Nature
You Break It, You Buy It 150px That's Life or Nature

Cute Cuts

Name Image New Category
Steel Chef Steel Chef.png Food
Clog It Clog It.png That's Life
Snivel Disobedience Snivel Disobedience.png That's Life
Zoooooooo Zoooo-oooo.png Reality or Nature
Blowin' Up Blowin' up.png That's Life
Running of the Bull's-eye Running of the Bull's-eye.png Sports
Sinking Feeling Sinking Feeling1.png That's Life
Star Struck Star Struck.png Fantasy or Reality
Face-Lift Face-Lift.png That's Life or IQ
Cage Match WarioWare Touched Cage Match.png Nature
Straight Faces Straight Faces.png IQ
No Love for You No Love For You.png That's Life or Nature
Quite Puzzled Quite Puzzled.png IQ
Pass Aggressive Pass Aggressive.png Sports
Tuft It Out Tuft It Out.png That's Life
Sweeping Victory Sweeping Victory.png Sports
Fresh Squeezed Fresh Squeezed.png Nature or Food
Got the Chops Got the Chops.png Food
It Slices, It Dices It Slices, It Dices.png Food
Middle Management Middle Management.png That's Life
Pro Bowling Pro Bowling.png Sports

Dance Club Rub

Name Image New Category
Impressionism Impressionism.png That's Life
Shakedown Shakedown.png Nature
Pet Petter Pet Petter.png Reality or Nature
Arms Race Arms Race.png Sports
Chalk Full Chalk Full.png That's Life
Oh, Snap! Oh, Snap!.png Sports
Scratch and Match Scratch and Match.png That's Life
Wishful Thinking Wishful Thinking.png Fantasy
Power Chord Power Chord.png That's Life
Dish It Dish It.png Sports(?)
Early Release Early Release.png Fantasy
Ick Magnet Ick Magnet.png That's Life
Drama Clean Drama Clean.png That's Life
Touchdown Touchdown.png Sports(?)
Public Transportation Public Transportation.png Sports(?) or Fantasy(?)
Burning Rubber Burning Rubber.png That's Life
Sweet Sorrow Sweet Sorrow.png That's Life
Washed Up Washed Up.png That's Life
Erosion Erosion.png Sports(?) or That's Life(?)
Worked to a Lather Worked to a Lather.png That's Life
Rainbow Juice Rainbow Juice.png Fantasy

Ninja Scribble

Name Image New Category
Finger Painting Finger Painting.png That's Life
Long Division Long Division.png IQ or Food
Domestic Issue Domestic Issue.png That's Life
Feeling Saucy Feeling Saucy.png Reality or Food
One-Liner One-Liner.png That's Life
Finish Line Finish line.png Sports
Hair Supply Hair Supply.png That's Life
Bright Idea Bright Idea.png That's Life or IQ
What's Your Sign? What's Your Sign.png That's Life or Fantasy
Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer.png That's Life
Write On, Dude Write On, Dude.png That's Life
Hookin' Up Hookin' Up.png That's Life
Corrections Officer Corrections Officer.png That's Life
Midnight Weirdo Midnight Weirdo.png That's Life
The Proud, the Fuse The Proud, the Fuse.png Fantasy
Ring Master Ring Master.png That's Life(?)
Shoo! Shoo!.png That's Life(?)
In the Loop In the Loop.png That's Life(?) or Reality
Hi, Wire! Hi, Wire!.png That's Life
Ramp It Up Ramp It Up.png That's Life(?)
Galaxy Bounce Galaxy Bounce.png Fantasy

Total Drag

Name Image New Category
Separation Anxiety Separation Anxiety.png IQ
Farm Fresh Farm Fresh.png Nature
Basket Case Basket Case.png Sports
Greedy Hands Greedy Hands.png That's Life
I'm #1! I'm Number 1!.png Sports
Rock Fever Rock Fever.png That's Life or IQ
On Strike On Strike.png That's Life or Reality
Drop in a Bucket Drop in a Bucket.png That's Life
Sugar Rush Sugar Rush.png Food
Pipe Dream Pipe Dream.png Fantasy
Birdcicle Birdcicle.png Nature
Sneeze, Please! Sneeze, Please!.png That's Life
Fatapult Fatapult.png Sports
Catch of the Day 150px Nature
Cheap Thrill Cheap Thrill.png That's Life or IQ
Fill 'Er Up Fill 'Er Up.png Food
Don't Blow It Don't Blow It.png That's Life or Reality
Chance of Showers Chance of Showers.png That's Life(?) or Reality
Oh, the Irony Oh, the Irony.png That's Life
Very Attractive Very Attractive.png That's Life or Reality
Global Warning Global Warning.png Fantasy or Reality

Slightly Unscrewed

Name Image New Category
Free Range Free Range.png Nature
Heads Will Roll Heads Will Roll.png That's Life
Space Buffet Space Buffet.png Fantasy
Big as a Whale Big as a Whale.png Nature
Watered Down Watered Down.png That's Life
Goin' Loopy Goin' Loopy.png That's Life
Engine Trouble Engine Trouble.png Sports
Catch a Tune Catch a Tune.png That's Life
Unwind Unwind.png Nature
Stroke of Genius Stroke of Genius.png Sports
Drop the Ball Drop the Ball.png That's Life
Track and Field Track and Field.png That's Life(?) or Food
Straight to Video Straight to Video.png That's Life or IQ
Fried Goodness Fried Goodness.png Nature or Food
Good Times Good Times.png That's Life or IQ
I'm Gonna Hurl I'm Gonna Hurl.png Sports
Flower to Tower Flower to Tower.png Fantasy
Gym Locker Gym Locker.png That's Life or IQ
Spin a Yarn Spin a Yarn.png That's Life
Luna-see Luna-see.png That's Life or Fantasy(?)
Living Room Rally Living Room Rally.png Sports(?) or That's Life

Mic Rocking

Name Image New Category
Spindy Day Spindy Day.png That's Life
Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothings.png That's Life
Pop Art Pop Art.png That's Life
Call of Nature Call of Nature.png Nature
Cup Runneth Over Cup Runneth Over.png Food
Winter Fresh Winter Fresh.png That's Life
Light Sleeper Light Sleeper.png Fantasy
Admiral Blowhard Admiral Blowhard.png Sports
Cool It Cool It.png That's Life
Rising Inflation Rising Inflation.png That's Life
Crown Control Crowd Control.png That's Life
Deep Breath Swimblow!.png Sports
Abdominal Blowman Abdominal Blowman.png Sports
Clearing the Air Clearing the Air.png Reality or Nature
Lung Capacity Lung Capacity.png That's Life
In Your Face In Your Face.png Sports(?) or Reality
Silent but Deadly Silent but Deadly.png Sports(?)
Hit the Gust Hit the Gust.png Fantasy
Over Easy Over Easy.png That's Life
On the Fly On the Fly.png That's Life
Seedy Area Seedy Area.png Nature

Smooth Moves

Mona's microgames

Name Image New Category
Stage Fright WWSM Stage Fright.png That's Life
Welcome Committee WWSM Welcome Committee.png Fantasy
Keep Your Guy on the Ball WWSM Keep Your Guy on the Ball.png Sports
Fan Boy WWSM Fan Boy.png That's Life
Shakedown WWSM Shakedown.png That's Life
Swat Team WWSM Swat Team.png Nature
Carrot Away WWSM Carrot Away.png Food
Runner's High WWSM Runner's High.png Sports
Fired Up WWSM Fired Up.png That's Life
Dough Boy WWSM Dough Boy.png Food
Up for Grabs WWSM Up for Grabs.png That's Life
Come to Poppa WWSM Come to Poppa.png That's Life
Closing Time WWSM Closing Time.png That's Life
Over Easy WWSM Over Easy.png Food
Honeymoon Fall Out WWSM Honeymoon Fall Out.png That's Life(?) or Fantasy(?)
Universal Marionette WWSM Universal Marionette.png That's Life
Cupsy Daisy WWSM Cupsy Daisy.png Sports(?) or That's Life
Escape Artist WWSM Escape Artist.png That's Life
Five More Minutes WWSM Five More Minutes.png That's Life
Tearful Reunion WWSM Tearful Reunion.png That's Life(?) or Nature
Hand Me Down WWSM Hand Me Down.png That's Life
Wet Your Whistle WWSM Wet Your Whistle.png Food
Toilet Training WWSM Toilet Training.png That's Life

Kat and Ana's microgames

Name Image New Category
Cutting Edge WWSM Cutting Edge.png Fantasy
On the Edge WWSM On the Edge.png That's Life
Serve Already! WWSM Serve Already!.png Sports
Paper Trail WWSM Paper Trail.png That's Life
Object D'Art WWSM Object D'art.png Sports
Frequent Flyer WWSM Frequent Flyer.png That's Life
Extreme Patty-Cake WWSM Extreme Patty-Cake.png Sports or Reality
Writer's Block WWSM Writer's Block.png That's Life
Teeth Polithe WWSM Teeth Polithe.png That's Life
Cookie Rookie WWSM Cookie Rookie.png Food
A Moment of Reflection WWSM A Moment of Reflection.png That's Life
Saving Face WWSM Saving Face.png That's Life
Stick It Through 'Em! WWSM Stick It Through 'Em!.png Food
Shear Terror WWSM Shear Terror.png Nature
Fitting In WWSM Fitting In.png Sports(?)
S-T-R-E-T-C-H! WWSM S-T-R-E-T-C-H!.png Nature
Budget Dentistry WWSM Budget Dentistry.png That's Life
A-maze-ing WWSM A-maze-ing.png That's Life
Simon Says WWSM Simon Says.png Fantasy
Code Dependency WWSM Code Dependency.png That's Life
Mall Tour WWSM Mall Tour.png That's Life
Driver's Ed WWSM Driver's Ed.png That's Life

Young Cricket's microgames

Name Image New Category
Broom Shtick WWSM Broom Shtick.png That's Life
That's How I Roll WWSM That's How I Roll.png That's Life
Plane and Simple WWSM Plane and Simple.png That's Life
Logged In WWSM Logged In.png That's Life
Anchor Man WWSM Anchor Man.png Sports
Castanet, First Chair WWSM Castanet, First Chair.png That's Life
Meet the Eggheads WWSM Meet the Eggheads.png That's Life(?)
Pink Eye WWSM Pink Eye.png Fantasy
Geared for Landing WWSM Geared for Landing.png Sports(?) or That's Life(?)
This Bites! WWSM This Bites!.png Nature
Suit of Armoire WWSM Suit of Armoire.png Fantasy or IQ
All Wound Up WWSM All Wound Up.png Nature(?)
The Outcast WWSM The Outcast.png IQ
Helping Hand WWSM Helping Hand.png That's Life
Sweeps Week WWSM Sweeps Week.png Sports
Spring Cleaning WWSM Spring Cleaning.png That's Life
Volley, Y'all! WWSM Volley, Y'all!.png Sports
Clean Your Plate! WWSM Clean Your Plate!.png That's Life
Smile and Nod WWSM Smile and Nod.png IQ
Junk and My Trunk WWSM Junk and My Trunk.png Nature
Block Party WWSM Block Party.png That's Life

Ashley's microgames

Name Image New Category
Undercover Agent WWSM Undercover Agent.png That's Life
Cold Call WWSM Cold Call.png That's Life
Spray It, Don't Say It WWSM Spray It, Don't Say It.png Sports or Food
Wiggle Room WWSM Wiggle Room.png Sports
Carving Artist WWSM Carving Artist.png That's Life
Sticky Shift WWSM Sticky Shift.png That's Life
Bone Appetit WWSM Bone Appetit.png Nature
You're Fired! WWSM You're Fired!.png Sports(?)
In the Cards WWSM In the Cards.png IQ
How the West Was Really Won WWSM How the West Was Really Won.png Fantasy
Shady Characters WWSM Shady Characters.png IQ
Skip It WWSM Skip It.png Sports
Shoot the Breeze WWSM Shoot the Breeze.png Sports
Cheater! WWSM Cheater!.png That's Life
Marching Orders WWSM Marching Orders.png Sports(?)
Flask Me Later WWSM Flask Me Later.png That's Life
All Shook Up WWSM All Shook Up.png Food
Pool Boy WWSM Pool Boy.png Sports
Secret Ingredient WWSM Secret Ingredient.png That's Life
Ringmaster WWSM Ringmaster.png That's Life
Fresh off the Grill WWSM Fresh off the Grill.png Food

Dribble and Spitz's microgames

Name Image New Category
Diddly Squat WWSM Diddly Squat.png Sports
Up in Arms WWSM Up in Arms.png Sports
Clean Sweep WWSM Clean Sweep.png That's Life
Eating for Two WWSM Eating for Two.png Food
The Closer WWSM The Closer.png Sports
Stick It to the Man WWSM Stick It to the Man.png That's Life
When in Rome... WWSM When in Rome....png Sports(?)
Talk to the Can! WWSM Talk to the Can!.png Nature
Cut to the Chase WWSM Cut to the Chase.png That's Life
Catch of the Day WWSM Catch of the Day.png Food
Bell Captain WWSM Bell Captain.png That's Life
Rally and Cry WWSM Rally and Cry.png Sports
Soiled Reputation WWSM Soiled Reputation.png Nature
Use Your Head WWSM Use Your Head.png Sports
Unintelligent Life WWSM Unintelligent Life.png Fantasy
Spring Training WWSM Spring Training.png Fantasy
Femme Brûlée WWSM Femme Brulee.png That's Life
Sprinkler System WWSM Sprinkler System.png That's Life
Stick a Fork in It WWSM Stick a Fork in It.png Food
Armed and Dangerous WWSM Armed and Dangerous.png Sports
Boot Camp WWSM Boot Camp.png Sports or Fantasy

Penny's microgames

Name Image New Category
Boarder Patrol WWSM Boarder Patrol.png That's Life
Slice of Life WWSM Slice of Life.png That's Life or Food
Mixed Signals WWSM Mixed Signals.png That's Life
Yes, You Can! WWSM Yes, You Can!.png That's Life
The Intern WWSM The Intern.png That's Life
Stir Crazy WWSM Stir Crazy.png That's Life
Community Service WWSM Community Service.png That's Life
Local News WWSM Local News.png That's Life
Get to the Point WWSM Get to the Point.png That's Life
Mercury Falling WWSM Mercury Falling.png That's Life
XYZ! WWSM XYZ!.png That's Life
On Point WWSM On Point.png That's Life
Airhead WWSM Airhead.png Sports
Cranky Robot WWSM Cranky Robot.png That's Life or Fantasy
Sure, You Can WWSM Sure, You Can.png Fantasy
Burning Sensation WWSM Burning Sensation.png That's Life
Now You're Cooking! WWSM Now You're Cooking!.png That's Life or Food
Hit Parade WWSM Hit Parade.png Nature
Litterbot WWSM Litterbot.png That's Life or Fantasy
Stay Tuned WWSM Stay Tuned.png That's Life
Produce Stand-Off WWSM Produce Stand-Off.png Fantasy

Orbulon's microgames

Name Image New Category
It's a Wrap WWSM It's a Wrap.png Fantasy(?)
Hare Raising WWSM Hare Raising.png Sports, IQ, or Nature
Chunky Salsa WWSM Chunky Salsa.png That's Life
Bridge Work WWSM Bridge Work.png That's Life(?)
Safe Cracker WWSM Safe Cracker.png IQ
Monkey Dance WWSM Monkey Dance.png Nature
Buggin' Out WWSM Buggin' Out.png Nature
Starved for Attention WWSM Starved for Attention.png Nature(?)
Clock-Watcher WWSM Clock-Watcher.png That's Life or IQ
Bear Handed WWSM Bear Handed.png Sports or Nature
Top Dog WWSM Top Dog.png Nature
Finishing Move WWSM Finishing Move.png Sports
Look, Ma! No Feet! WWSM Look, Ma! No Feet!.png Sports
Stroke of Genius WWSM Stroke of Genius.png Fantasy
Coming Unhinged WWSM Coming Unhinged.png That's Life
Monkey Crossing WWSM Monkey Crossing.png Nature
Boom Box WWSM Boom Box.png Sports

D.I.Y. series

Name Image Original Category New Category

Game & Wario

Name Image Original Category New Category