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HyperHoundoom's Userbox Tower
The cross.PNG
“Why did I write that here!!??”
HyperHoundoom, realizing the fact that the quote he originally added alluded to things he doesn't want to remember anymore...

HyperHoundoom is a user who has been inactive since 2011, having come back to MarioWiki in late 2014. Before temporarily leaving, he liked to play Mario, Pokémon and Zelda games, and he was a fan of Bionicle since 2001. Nowadays, HyperHoundoom prefers to go by the name Arikk, but keeps his original nick (due to reasons out of his control) at DeviantArt and also uses it here just because. He is into even more games now but, ironically, has less time to play any. He also does fan arrangements and, soon, remixes of various videogame tracks. Now, why I'm talking in third person??

What I Like

  • Architecture (my current career, incidentally)
  • Music (listening, composing, remixing, arranging, etc.)
  • Various Nintendo games
  • Drawing
  • Graphic design


My YouTube channel is HyperHoundoom. Be sure to check out my new What if...? Super Smash Bros. 4 Music project with some arrangements made by myself and, hopefully, some proper remixes will be also coming soon!

You can also watch instead the video everyone has already seen. That of my M&L:BIS arrangement that became so unexpectedly famous because Chuggaconroy (Yeah, the guy who does walkthroughs. That Chuggaaconroy.) shared it. To be honest, thanks for all the views, but I would be more grateful if you support my new content, too. Or at least give feedback with a like or a dislike: