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STATUS:Play Animal Crossing:C.F.

Personal quote:"Why must the Waddle Dee be owned so much?"

About me

I have been plaing Mario games since I was 6(I think) The game wasint really a Mario game it was Super smash bros.Melee. the first ACTULLY Mario game was Mario Party 4. And were back to now. I have atleast 27 Mario games (Mama mia!). I also go on Club penguin my name is Geno SMRPG. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

My top 10 favorite characters are:

  1. Geno
  2. Boo
  3. Goomba
  4. Axem Red
  5. Yoshi
  6. Mario
  7. Weegee
  8. Dark Chomp
  9. Dry Bowser
  10. Wario

My fav games

  1. Super Mario RPG
  2. Super Mario World
  3. Luigi's Mansion
  4. Super Mario Bros 3
  5. Super Mario 64
  6. Wario Land 4

Did I mintion Im ALWAYS ON LINE?