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Traits, and Abilities

Gavin is a litle short, and very skinny, he has long blond hair (in summer only, other than that it's brown) and Blue/Green eyes. He also has some slightly unnoticeable freckles. He knows 2 types of martial arts Karate (ka-ra-tee), and Aikido (I-kee-do). Gavin can also make up stories, and song lyrics like [snap] that.

Game Appearances

Gavin makes a few game appearances, such as in the Mii Channel, when he wears purple, and red.

In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Gavin made an uncanny appearance, where he whears a purple shirt.

In Mario Party 8, he made an appearance where he was dressed exactly like Waluigi in the Extras Zone. Though after a while Gavin swore that he would NEVER go back in that game.

In Mario Kart Wii, he made yet another appearance where he wears a purple jumpsuit, not yet a plumber suit, and is classified as a Med. weight character.

Gavin made his last appearance:(, in Mario Super Sluggers where he is part of the Waluigi Spitballs.