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Full name GashomyWiki the First (you don't even have to know my real full name ;o)
Species Human
First appearance Atlanta, United States (on a certain November 18th)
Latest appearance Nope.
Latest portrayal Myself
Affiliation(s) My family and my friends

Hi, I'm GashomyWiki. I'm a Wikipedian. I'm an American-born France-living person. So, I add to games, courses, characters, items, etc., articles their French name with my colleagues Archieboy000 and MisterCoolSkin. But I also edit pages normally. I mostly work on the French Mario Wikia with my said colleagues as well as other people.

I have lots of Mario-related things (games, books, merchandise, etc.). You can contact me on my talk page if you need info or an image from one from the first 16 volumes of Super Mario-Kun (which are released in France and that I have all) or any other Mario-related book/merchandise released in France, because I may have it.