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Hi, I'm Gabrielp1. I have been a Mario player since I was five years old, starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Since then, I have played nearly every RPG Mario games, such as the Mario and Luigi series or the Paper Mario series. This year I want to reach a goal I have since the Wii U release: play every Wii U Mario game that has and will be launched.

So feel free to see my page; I will be uploading information, pictures, and interesting details about games and consoles every week. I hope you can check it out.

This week's article


Kamek in Super Mario Galaxy

Since I saw Kamek on one of the opening cutscenes in Super Mario Galaxy, I started getting interested in him. I saw in which games he had appeared, and started playing them; started with Mario Party DS, up to now I see him in New Super Mario Bros. U. He has definitely become one of my favorite Mario characters. Something that gets into my mind is the fact that if Kamek is Bowser's adoptive father, or part of his army since Bowser was a baby. He is an interesting character in the Mario series, and I know many players that have played many Mario games like myself would like to see him in upcoming Mario games.