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List of the infamous Super Mario Encyclopedia mistakes and names from/and or not from the wiki

[128] Sentry Garage's english name comes from the fact it was lumped with Sentry Beam in the first place, and its Japanese name.

[128/161] The Ring Beam's english name comes from its Japanese name Ring Beamer with the -er suffix removed because it was lumped with Sentry Beam as well.

The spring-like Topman is called "Spring Topman", its current conjectural title, currently decided on what to rename it into

Purple Bullet Bill is called "Bullet Bill (purple)".

The spring-like enemy is consistently called Sentry Beam, while the actual one gets its Japanese name, Laser Pod on SMG, and Mobile Sentry Beam on SMG2

Those small, unnamed-in-english Whomp-like enemies that appear during King Whomp's battle are called Whimp, its former conjectural name.

[159] The name that is used for the electric ball shooters is Electric Pressure, which is taken as an english name. However, the name is derived from an internal filename, and is a romanization of the Japanese name. The information saying that Electric Pressure is the english name definitively came from us.

The Electric Pressure's entry from Super Mario Encyclopedia

The New Super Mario Bros giant Wiggler is called a Big Wiggler, while it is actually a different species.

Water Bazooka

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Undergrunt Gunner from Super Mario Galaxy.
A Water Bazooka's artwork from Super Mario Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy

The Water Bazooka is an artillery used by an Undergrunt that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. It appears in Gold Leaf Galaxy and in Deep Dark Galaxy.


Gold Leaf Galaxy

An Undergrunt Gunner shoots bubbles at Mario

In the Gold Leaf Galaxy, the Water Bazooka is at the very end of the level "When it Rains, it Pours" in a pit full of spikes and one raincloud. To get up there, the player must have used a Bee Mushroom to transform into Bee Mario. This time there is only one way to defeat the Undergrunt, ground pounding the cockpit, but there are two ways to go about doing that. The first way is to use Bee Mario's power of flight to rise above the cockpit and ground pound there but that can be difficult because there is a thundercloud and the Water Bazooka is shooting water. The second way takes longer, but the water is no longer a worry, regular Mario must go across the pit of spikes using moving platforms and then ground pound a switch to raise a staircase. He must then race to the staircase, climb up and ground pound the gunner. After this gunner is defeated, it releases a star.

Deep Dark Galaxy

File:SMG Angry Undergrunt.jpg
An angry Undergrunt Gunner.

In the Deep Dark Galaxy, the Water Bazooka appears in the level "Bubble Blastoff" at the very start on the beach on top of the cannon leading to the Wooden Planet. The gunner is mostly harmless as it shoots water balls at Mario which will just blast him back on the beach. There are three ways to beat the Undergrunt here. The first one is the regular way; Ground Pound the top of its machine. The second is to Star Spin the Coconuts all over the ground into the machine. And finally, the third way is to grab a Koopa Shell from underwater, and fire it into any part of the machine. The cannon is under this gunner so it must be defeated to traverse to the Wooden Planet and then to beat the level.

This Undergrunt Gunner does not leave behind a star.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォーターバズーカ[1]
Wōtā Bazūka
Water Bazooka


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