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Enemy Name

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Max HP Attack Defense
Score Items Location(s)

This template is for the Super Paper Mario bestiary. The variables are as follows:

|card type=
|card location=
|card description=
The section label; Replace "NAME" with the enemy name.
The enemy's name.
Used for links [[altname|name]].
(common, miniboss, boss, support, optional)
An image of the enemy.
Where the enemy can be found.
The enemy's HP
The enemy's attack.
The enemy's defence.
The base points gained by beating the enemy.
Item(s) potentially dropped by the enemy.
(Infobox) The rarity of the Catch Card.
(Infobox) How to procure the Catch Card.
(Infobox) The Catch Card's description of the enemy.
(Infobox) The previous Catch Card.
(Infobox) The current Catch Card.
(Infobox) The next Catch Card.
The enemy's tattle.