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  • Age: 22
  • Live in South Korea

Mario Games which I have

Game Comments Progress
New Super Mario Bros. My first video game ever, I remember. Shell Powerup was so good. ★★★
Super Mario 64 DS Too bad that my version doesn't have minigames. 150 Stars
Mario Kart DS After completing MK7 I feel awkward whenever I play this. ★★★(GP, Mission Mode)
Won every staff ghosts
Mario Party DS Some minigames involving touch control was so hard. 100%
Mario Kart 7 Nintendo of Korea sent me this with New3DSXL. (2017-02-22 ~ )
I like Cheep Cheep Lagoon.
Won every staff ghosts
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (e-shop) (2017-03-24 ~ )
Classic Infinite 1-UP trick doesn't work with Gold Mario.
1 million coins? I won't try.
Super Mario 3D Land (2017-06-27 ~ )
7.8/10 Tanooki cannot fly
Cleared S8-Crown
Some mystery boxes are still remaining.
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition (2017-06-27 ~ )
I don't have a Wii. Bought just for game collection.
0% Obviously
Super Mario Bros. 3 (3DS VC) (2017-12-01 ~ )
Paid with my remaining eShop cash.
In the middle of Giant Land (w/ savestates)
Super Mario Run (Android) (2017-03-23 ~ )
It's so hard to attract purple Toads.
I can't get some items. Bad RNG
Dr. Mario World (Android) (2019-07-10 ~ )
PvP is fun, but... boring yeah.
Somewhere in World 3.
Super Mario Galaxy (2019-09-03 ~ )
My 2019 game collection, #1
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2019-09-03 ~ )
Collection #2
Super Paper Mario (2019-09-03 ~ )
Collection #3
Mario Kart Tour (Android) (2019-09-26 ~ )
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2020-01-05 ~ )
Super Mario Odyssey (2020-01-06 ~ ) Yay discount.

non-Mario Nintendo-related Games

My devices

  • Nintendo DS Lite (K) (?2008 ~ 2017-02-20): L Button, D-Pad and Power Button Broken.
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL (K) (2017-02-22 ~ ): So I bought this. Slide Pad sometimes doesn't work properly these days. Sigh.
  • Nintendo Switch (01) (2020-01-05 ~ ): The time to buy.
  • amiibo: Inkling Squid (green) (Splatoon) (2020-01-05 ~ ): Because this was one of the cheapest.
  • Although I was born in 1997, I haven't played GBA or GCN.
  • Planning to get Wii (or U) in the middle of 2020.

Unpopular opinions

  • The recurring music pieces, Underground from SMB and Airship from SMB3 are very overused and their occurrence should be declined.
  • NSMB1 is the best of the four NSMB games: because this is far different than other three. Unique bosses, unique music pieces (in fact this is NSMB2/NSMBU's flaw), and the underrated Shell Mario.
    • You can see that I prefer using NSMB1 to using NSMBDS.
  • I didn't feel any inconvenience from playing SM64DS with D-Pad. (I always rotated the camera whenever I wanted to move diagonally.)
    • Well, after finishing OoT3D and MM3D when I play SM64DS, I DO feel.
  • I don't like the Junior Clown Car.