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Daisybaby, 2008
scream luigi!!!!!

yo yo im daisybaby im just an ordinary mariowiki user. but i am considerd a bit nuts by the losers i call my friends(im joking you lot know i am) and sometimes even by my teachers. i think that they have a cheek to judge me, they dont know me so how dare they!lol. i told you im nuts. dont try to chase me with a camera. ask some of mi m8s they'll tell yooh wat the conciquences are and they aint pleasent. trust me. dont provoke princess daisys anger. want a reason? look at the video entiteld daisy's fury.

i enjoy video games and i reli fink tht mario and luigi shuld rap cos tht would be the funniest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

OMG imagine PEACH AND DAISY RAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg tht would be JOKES!!!!!

oh wat about waluigi and wario rapping? thts sorta funny slash sad lol

toadette and toad would look plain silly rapping

birdo and yoshi? hmmmmmmm...............


maby bowser or bowser jr.........

huh ? what ? oh i seem to have gone off on a rant about nothing oops

what was gunna say oh yess i remember!

ARG HARG ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!!!!! Lets Look At My Page!!!!!! (Was tht it? im so not sure...... oh well!)

  • name me
  • age a number
  • lives next to a tree
  • number more numbers
  • email some letters an '@' sign some more letters and some dots.
  • fave mario character baby daisy, princess daisy (in that order).
  • fave mario game oohh i got loads, but if i absolutely had to make a choice it would have to be.... mario party DS
  • fave items blue shell, boo.
  • least fave items blue shell(when im in first!!!!), fake item box.
  • owns mario kart ds, mario party ds, nintendo ds, and lots of other non mario games.
  • really wants mario and sonic, mario slam basketball, nintendo wii, mario party 8 and mario kart wii.

and i also have a crazy guenia pig.


Daisybaby's Userbox Tower
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  • "klutz."
  • "you is speakin to me now"
  • "haha yeah"
  • "calm down churchill!"
  • "i am who i am your opinoin isnt needed"
  • "ilove this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful butiful life"
  • "i dont suffer from insanity. i enjoy every minute of it"
  • "be who you want to be not what others want to see"
  • "ya is made up of cheese!"
  • "yeah! yeah! tch, uh huh."
  • "oh yeah! cumon!"
  • "i have fury too!"
  • "child."
Luigi owning mario


    • mario or luigi - luigi
    • peach or daisy - daisy
    • baby daisy or baby peach - baby daisy
    • wario or waluigi - waluigi
    • toad or toadette - toadette
    • birdo or yoshi - birdo
    • dry bones or boo - both
    • rosalina or dry bowser - both
    • bowser or bowser jr - bowser jr


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