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55px <-- lolness (I'd put it here, only it's funnier in its YouTube format.)

“You're lucky I know part of your brain's not developed or I'd hate you all.”
My mom, to her students....She's entirely joking.

Hallo! My username is at the top of the page and my real name is in mah infobox! I couldn't think up a suitable username so I chose "Somegeek," (For some reason I was surprised it wasn't taken.) so I went ahead and changed it. You can either call me Hannah or CK. Check-a my page!

Some other stuff about me

I know you probably don't care, but that's the reason there's a scroll button to the right. --> Unless this page somehow gets translated into Hebrew or Arabic in which case it would be to the left. <-- (Goomba cunfoosded.)

More info

I'm 13, have been since 9/12, and have a brother and sister, both of which are older than me and also adults. My brother is a 22 year old geek that likes Mario games named Sam. He also calls me Goomba for some reason. My sister is an 18 year old person that is only slightly geeky, in love with Harry Potter, and named Lauren. Because Sam calls me Goomba, I call Lauren Koopa.

I am an indescisive girl that likes cats, is addicted to computer and video games, and is in love with Harry Potter, Dr. Pepper, chocolate and cheesecake. I like music a lot, making making a list too much hassle, and am a Homestar Runner, Potter Puppet Pals, and Spidey fan (and Green Goblin fan - GOBBY RULZ!). My favorite hobby is going to the other reality I live in.

There are also two cats in our family. One is mine, one is Lu's. Lauren's cat is named Zoe, and she's a skinny, fluffy, calico cat with the quietest meow ever that loves going outside. My cat is the exact opposite. She's an extremely fat shorthair named Oreo. Guess what color(s) she is! Um... black, mostly, with, uh, a white belly? You guessed right! You get a virtual cookie!

  /  ♥  ♥  ♥  \
 /  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ \

Seriously though, my cat is the fattest thing I'v ever seen. People don't count as things.

Mario-related stuff

Game and console stats

Games I have

  • Donkey Kong Country 1-3 (1's alright, 2's awesome, 3's terrible.)
  • Kirby's Adventure (Actually it's Sam's, but I play it more often.)
  • Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 (Sam's again, but still.)
  • Diddy Kong Racing DS (I think Timber sounds like an old British guy.)
  • Super Mario Galaxy (Awesomest. Platformer. Ever.)
  • Mario Party 8 (I don't like Bowser's voice in this game. He kinda sounds like he has a cold.)
  • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (Tiny=me.)
  • Super Paper Mario (I've decided I'm not crazy about RPGs.)
  • MKWii (SO addictive...SO frustrating sometimes.)

Games I (sadly) don't have but want

  • The rest of the RPGs
  • Mario & Luigi series
  • Mario Kart series (NOT SNES or DS)
  • The rest of the Mario Party series
  • Super Mario Sunshine (because of Bowser Jr.)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • DK64 (I am in dire need.)

Consoles I have

  • NES
  • SNES
  • GBA
  • DS
  • Wii

Consoles I don't have but kinda need for the games I want

  • N64
  • GameCube

My fave characters (in no particular order)

I bet you're surprised I didn't include Mario, Peach, or Donkey Kong. I like Mario okay, but he's kinda a spotlight-hogger. I didn't include DK for pretty much the same reason, except I don't really like him much at all. As for Peach, I'm gonna have to say I agree with Snake: STOP GETTING KIDNAPPED.

Plus, underdog-rooting is more fun.

How I rank the Koopalings

Cool sites

There was going to be another site,, which is filled with info about the Green Goblin, but it has sadly expired. :(

Pure Zen

Yellow print is hard to read.

Yay 4 YouTube!

Ignorance is Bliss

Donkey Kong Country (TV) Songs

These ones are from the VHS. (My favorites on it.)

Pirate's Scorn


  • Arr! When I was a young lad my father said to me,
  • "Arr, lend an ear and learn some pirate history!
  • Once a fearsome pirate ruled the Seven Seas,
  • He was your great-great-great-grandpappy, Skurvy."

  • He told me tall tales of his ill-begotten gains,
  • But the greatest treasure of them all still haunts me to this day!


  • I'll make you swab the deck and then I'll throw you in the brig!
  • I swear I'll make you walk the plank to right the wrong you did!
  • The day you mess with Skurvy, arr, you'll wish you're never born!
  • When the Coconut is mine, then you'll feel his pirate scorn!
  • He hid it in an idol where it stayed for many years,
  • But the eye of Inka Dinka Doo did shed the crystal tear.
  • It lay upon the ground until, much to my surprise,
  • A stupid ape just wandered by and snatched my treasured prize!
  • He discovered it possessed extraordinary power,
  • But stealing it from Skurvy would be his darkest hour!


  • When the Coconut is mine, then you'll feel his pirate scorn!
  • SKURVY: Arr!

Gotta Get it Back! Take it Back!

LYRICS: We gotta get the Coconut back or else,

King K. Rool is gonna have our hides!

I can't believe I gave the Crystal Coconut

To a couple of fat guys!

Arr! All I wanna do is get me booty back,

Defend my honor with lootin' and lies!

Maybe if I hurry it won't be too late,

I gotta give it the ol' banana try!

Chorus: Gotta bring it back!

Gotta get it back! Take it back!

Gotta (something) back!

Gotta give it back!

Take it back!

That fool sent us to steal the Crystal Coconut,

Now he's forcing us to give it back! (KRUSHA: Duh, he's confusing!)

Cranky's gonna kill me if I fail this time,

Looks like I set things back a century!

OOOWWW! I always knew this struggling would keep me in shape,

I wish my tooth would just stop hurting me! Ooowww....

I guess there's more to know in how to be a king,

You've got to see beyond the mystery!

Chorus 2x

Booty Boogie

LYRICS: If you ask me mother she'd say I's not so bad!

But when I left the house, I took everything she had!

I took her silver and her gold and (something, something, something),

I even took her aprons and her covered pots and pans!

Chorus: Lyin', lootin', stealin'

Is the reason I'm a pirate!

Ransackin', pillagin',

Don't knock it till you try it!

Plundering and pilfering

Make up a healthy diet,

Arr, look at me!

I'm doin' the Booty Boogie!

No treasure is too big, I've scarfed the peaks of Kilomanjaro!

Me (something) raided a tomb and stole the mummy from a pharoah!

I swiped crown jewels, and (something) crystal balls,

But the Crystal Coconut is the daddy of them all!

If you want job with all the riches you can stand,

And all the security of a great pension plan,

Arr, then come aboard!

Chorus: Lyin', lootin', stealin'

Is the reason we are pirates!

Ransackin', pillagin',

Don't knock it till you try it!

Plundering and pilfering

Make up a healthy diet,

Arr, look at us!

We're doin' the Booty Boogie-

Arr, see you see,

We're doin' the Booty Boogie!


KUTLASS: Hey-hey, what a nice-a song!

GREEN KROC: {Some French}

Big Bog Monster

LYRICS: In the Forbidden Forest lurks a monster and you'll see

How my childhood curiosity got the best of me

With crusty skin, and giant claws,

And dripping fangs, and beady eyes,

His arms surround you, feels like drowning in mud pies!

Chorus: The Big Bog Monster is coming after you!

His terrifying face will make you scream until you're blue!

His breath was awfully stinky, it could knock over a rhino,

His hair was full of maggots and its ears dripped something yellow -

I thought to my self, What could it be?

His eyes were red from what I could see,

His arms were thicker than a tree,

It scared the bananas out of me!


DK: {Goes crazy}

DIDDY: {Yells}

DK: {Screams}

The Mirror Never Lies

LYRICS: Arr! Feast your eyes!

Look into the mirror - it never lies!

You're a pirate - can't you see that this is no disguise?

You live to loot and pillage, thieve and terrorize!

Chorus: Your reflection tells a story

Of a pirate's life of glory -

Trust your eyes!

Arr! The mirror never lies! Arr....

How can this be?

I vaugely recall swinging tree to tree,

But now I see a pirate that's in front of me

With slimy skin and beady eyes, what a surprise!

Chorus: My reflection tells a story

Of a pirate's life of glory -

Trust my eyes!

The mirror never lies!

The reflection tells a story

Of a pirate's life of glory -

Trust your eyes!

Arr! The mirror never lies!

The mirror never lies!

{Skurvy keeps dancing lolz}

One of Us

LYRICS: Weeeeehhhhhll!

Listen here, while I make it clear,

I can't believe you can't see what we see here!

A crocodile is superior species!

Your Donkey Croc (something, something)!

Lookin' at your claws,

You could be one of my in-laws!

Chorus: 'Cause you one of us! One of us!

You mean and green, scaly sheen!

Can't you see you're one of us?

You walk the walk like (something) croc -

Arm in arm, together we ROCK!


If what you say is true,

Then I guess we're brothers - same color with a similar hue!

With these fangs, and this scaly skin,

There's no question that we're family next of kin!

Chorus:'Cause I'm one of you! One of you!

Same crew, nothin' I can do,

I can see I'm one of you!

One of you! One of you!

Same crew -

I'm really one of YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!


I think it's safe to say that pretty much any song with Skurvy singing at least part of it is automatically awesome.

Chipmunk modes! LOLZ

(Please excuse Klump at the end.)
Yes, the end conversation is extended.

Listening to the songs at this speed kind of makes you realize just how short the songs are.

Skurvy Eps

In chronological order:

Booty and the Beast

LOLZ:2:54-2:59;4:06-4:17;4:51-5:28;6:30-6:45(lol, Klump's face);7:05-7:12;8:13-8:18;9:04


LOLZ:1:17-1:23;1:56-2:14;4:11-4:39;5:01-5:07(lolz, poor GK);5:32-5:35;6:15-6:20;6:46-6:58;7:10-7:33

More to come, don't be impatient.


At least Japan is awesome enough to put Skurvy in the intro...*sniff* Bowser's making fun of you.