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I am attempting to remedy the inconsistency often present in articles on things from other NIWA-linked series.

Since MarioWiki is part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, or NIWA for short, we are capable of linking between wikis in articles about characters from NIWA-covered series, such as Link. This can be useful because we are able to give people more information on a topic that might interest them without covering areas not found in MarioWiki:Coverage

Character Articles

For characters that have appeared/were originally going to appear in a Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario, or Yoshi series game, such as Link, Samus Aran, and Kirby, the following format shall be used:

At the top, Template:character-infobox should be used. If a full name is applicable, then it should be listed on the character infobox. The first appearance section should list the first Mario or Mario-related game along with the first game of the character's respective series. The affiliations section should list and link to the appropriate affiliations within that character's universe. The latest appearance section should mimic the first appearance section, giving both the most recent Mario-related appearance and the latest appearance within the character's series.

The introduction of the article should be concise, not giving too many details, but enough to give an accurate portrayal of the character. It should be accurate both within the Mario-verse and within the character's universe. We should link to a NIWA page wherever a more comprehensive knowledge of the subject would be helpful. At the top, User:Bop1996/NIWAabout, a variant of Template:about should be used.

The History section should list the character's appearances in Mario series games and crossovers, just like any Mario-series character. If a Super Smash Bros. series appearance is listed, then Template:Main should be used to link to the ssb wiki article(s) for that character. The same should be done with moves if the character is playable.

Other Major Articles

If an enemy is a boss in the Subspace Emissary mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, such as Rayquaza, then the respective template should be used in the same manner as that of a character. NIWAabout should also be used on these pages. Note that if a stage hazard is merged into a stage article, then the appropriate NIWA article on that stage hazard should be linked to when mentioned in the article (see: New Pork City).

NIWA-related lists

In a long list of enemies, such as List of Adventure Mode enemies, Template:Main should be used to link to the NIWA article for each of those enemies. When and where it is possible to link to a NIWA wiki for more information, it should be done. For example, whenever there is a given trophy information, if there is an article that may be linked to in order to clear up possible confusion, then the article should be linked to in the description. Also, in a list of trophies, if there is a trophy without an article on this wiki, then the NIWA article for that trophy should be linked to. In a similar manner, for sticker descriptions, if the sticker does not have an article on this wiki, then the appropriate NIWA article should be linked to in the sticker's name. In short, if we can provide further information by linking to a NIWA wiki, then it should be done.