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“Bloopy! Bloopity Yoshi!”
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Hey guys! Nice to see you on my awesome user page! I love Yoshi. My name is Bloshi. I've got loads of Mario games and love the Mario series! If you like Yoshi, click on any Yoshi to see the Yoshi page. Also, if you like Bloopers click on any Blooper to get on the Blooper page. I'm also part of 'Mario Kart PipeProject'. You might also want to check out my brother's page, Kamek 123. Also, sorry about my userboxes, because the colour might not have filled the whole thing. Surely it's not that much of a big deal!

My profile:

Name: Bloshi

Real Name: Stephen

Favourite Game(s): Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land

Least Favourite Game: Super Mario Advance 3

Nation: Great Britain

My favourite characters:

1: Yoshi!
2: Blooper
3: Wiggler
4: Mario
5: Waluigi

Random Stuff:

Do you like absolutely massive pictures, because if you do keep scrolling down...


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This Yoshi is awesome at dancing!


Yoshi: *YAWN*

Mario: Good morning, Yoshi.

Bloshi: Let's go Yoshi!

Mario: Wait for a-me!

Bloshi: No! You ride Birdo! HAHAHA.

Birdo: Feeding time!

Bloshi: NOW!!!

  • Bowser, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Goombas, Cheep Cheeps, Koopalings, Koopa Troopas and Dave all suddenly

appear and run off with Mario and Birdo as prisoners... *


~ A noble and absolutely pointless story written by me. ~

My Signature:

This is my signature:

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