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Hello, I'm Arda. I'm the guy from my country, Turkey. Well, dad teached me how to speak english. I know I was voting very anonymously, but now I decided to create my account to join this super wiki, better to keep track of my edits. My biggest fan is Mario, of course. Since he gave everything since my childhood. But I'm a fan of Princess Peach too. I'm also a fan of Sonic.

I don't care how many edits I did, but making maintenance edits is to do so in this wiki typically. Like, fixing grammars, spelling and keep everything pass through.

This user page is going to have a little updates sooner or later, because I'm trying to be a pro user in here, so I could get better. Maybe I should apologize for disordering such things that weren't potential.



Top 6 Favorite Characters

1. Mario 2. Princess Peach 3. Wario 4. Baby Mario 5. Baby Peach 6. Baby Wario