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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk) and Monteyaga (talk)

It's BRAWL TACTICS! I'm happy because I got Brawl for Christmas, so I can write better articles now. This month should make all princess fans happy.

This month, I'm doing one of my four favorite Brawlers: Princess Peach! Yes, I know, all of you who say Peach is a weak character and blah blah blah, but I think Peach is AWESOME! Her attacks are easier to use than Zelda's, and she's quite fierce when brawling.

Okay, first move: Toad. For me, this is like using Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape: I haven't mastered it yet. But I do know the effects can be surprising. For instance, take a fully charged laser blast from Samus. Toad reflects it as a huge cloud of green dust. Or take a fireball on the Castle Siege stage. Something that wouldn't be too intimidating is turned into a rocket launcher. Enough said there.

Second move: Peach Bomber. "Ha- Cha!" and an explosion of hearts appear. For me, I use this move very often, sometimes too often. Fast enemies will drive you nuts if you are trying to use this, because they will activate their shield or they will simply get out of the way. But, this attack is very powerful, and it is very effective at taking out the Smash Ball.

Third move: Peach Parasol. A cute parasol that completes Peach's appearance and that does damage comes out. This move is very useful at taking out the Smash ball, since you can line it up and get 5-6 hits out of a single move, which is sweet. BUT, this move is a recovery move, and sometimes it fails. When you don't get close enough to the top of the stage, Peach can't grab the edge, and she will most often sail to a KO.

Fourth move: Vegetable. I don't use this move very often because if I'm throwing something, it has to have enough power to KO an opponent, and this isn't an explosive, which are also very useful.

And now... Peach Blossom! A beautiful move that is extremely handy in All- Star mode. Think about it: Peaches that restore 5% damage, FREE of charge! You won't have to use a heart container to heal yourself. It also puts enemies to sleep, which gives you time to grab items and eat peaches. But beware: if you are playing on a stage with moving parts, such as Pokemon Stadium 2, the opponent will wake up quickly. Opponents must also be on the ground for this attack to work, if they are in the air flying, they will stay awake.

That's all for this month, everyone! I hope you see the value of using Princess Peach, and if you don't, you're not trying hard enough.