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Review Corner

By Luigifreak (talk)

Okay, so this is Luigifreak, Again. I’m gonna have to make this review kind of short. So, I’ll review Wario Land: Shake It!! Here we go!


It’s really nothing special. The Shake King captures the Queen Merlinda and the Merfles, along with a coin sack with unlimited coins. A Merfle escapes and tells Wario to save his people. This is a platformer, so it works.


This is a platformer. I’m assuming you all know what that is (If you don’t, I have descriptions of them in previous reviews.) In addition, you have one or two new moves. You have a dash (pretty basic) a ground pound, that basic stuff. You can also pick up stunned enemies and objects you find and aim them with the Wii remote to throw them at switches and other things. You can also shake the Wii remote while carrying objects to get new items. Finally, if you swing the Wii remote, you make an earthquake, which can manipulate objects. In the level, there are several gimmicks like cannons, rockets, and such. They are integrated pretty well, and work smoothly. Once you get through the level, you will rescue a Merfle. Then you must speed out of the level before the timer runs out. It’s not really hard, but it’s kind of interesting to do speed runs and such. So, that’s the gameplay in a nutshell.


First of all, you must collect coins in each level to buy new areas from the Pirate Shop. You also can collect treasures in each level. Finally you have missions in each level, which can range from collecting lots of coins to go a level without taking damage. On the replay side, there are a lot of hidden levels to unlock. Getting all the collectibles is kind of tedious..

Diversity of Levels/Enemies

The levels are pretty varied and interesting. Each has new obstacles and layout than the last. The levels themselves aren’t EXTREMELY hard (then again, I haven’t completely beaten this game) but they aren’t boring or anything. The enemies are pretty good. You basically have the same enemies in each level, but for some reason it isn’t boring. I guess it’s just the placement of them that makes them new and fresh. The bosses are very creative. You will actually HAVE to use your brain to beat them, and they are well planned and designed. No complaints.


The audio is pretty well done. Some of it is really nice remixes. The rest is just new music, but it is also well done. The sound effects are nice. There are no bleeps or blips, its sounds crisp and smooth. The Graphics are also smooth and run well together. They are kind of cartoony, but that gives it some charm. Overall:

  • Story: 8/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Collectables:8/10
  • Diversity of Enemies/Levels: 9/10
  • Audio/Graphics: 8/10
  • OVERALL: 8.4

This is a pretty good game. It is kind of tedious in the collecting, and has a few rough edges, but overall it is worth at least a rent. Sorry if this review is late or seems rushed, but as I said I have a life. See you next time on… REVIEW CORNER!!! *Crowd Cheers*