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by Cmario17 (talk)

Hi, welcome to User Interview, now written by Cmario17! I just have to make sure the surprise guest is here…

Cm17: Are you here?

?? ??: Hi.

Cm17: OK.

?? ??: Ask me some questions.

Cm17: First question: When did you join the Mariowiki?

?? ??: Um…Around August 08.

Cm17: Ok, what year?

?? ??: Wait.

Cm17: What?

?? ??: Month is August…

Cm17: August…

?? ??: Year is 2008.

Cm17: OK! Next question: Are you ready? (um…Oh! I got it!) So if you joined the wiki in August 2008, it’s been a little more than a year, correct?

?? ??: Yes. Next question, please.

Cm17: Estimate how many edits you’ve made since then.

?? ??: Around 250, I guess…I’m more of a chat person. I just started to get into the wiki.

Cm17: OK. Question 3: Are you a sysop or patroller of the wiki?

?? ??: No.

Cm17: (Ok, I just had to clarify that) In that case, the new question number 3 is: What is your full Mariowiki name?

?? ??: Ace Reporter Kylie Koopa; I was going to go with just “Kylie Koopa”, but someone already had it.

Cm17: Interesting. Have you met this other person on the wiki?


Cm17: Ok, question 4: I’m guessing Kylie Koopa is your favorite character, right?

ARKK: Yes, although I do like characters such as King Boo.

Cm17: Any others?

ARKK: There’s Wario, and some others.

Cm17: OK, why are these characters your favs? (This counts as question 5)

ARKK: Well, I’ve always liked boos; they are very curious characters, and their design is good. Wario…is hard to explain, but I just like him. And Kylie Koopa…she was my favorite Partners in Time character.

Cm17: Are there any other games that she should have appeared in (in your opinion)?

ARKK: Bowser’s Inside Story.

Cm17: I haven't gotten to play that yet, but I've heard that it was a good game. What did you think?

ARKK: It was a very good game, despite my doubts pre-release. It was worthy of the Mario license.

Cm17: What games were not worthy?

ARKK: Hmm…I have played a small bit of NES Mario is Missing. That…was bad. Are there any more questions?

Cm17: (Um…let me see…) Yes. Question 6? (I’ve lost count). Anyway, next question: I can see on your userpage that you have posted ANTI-MALWARE MAN (Super Yoshi) as a friend. How did you meet Super Yoshi?

ARKK: I forget; I believe it was on chat.

Cm17: Why does the link say ANTI-MALWARE MAN?

ARKK: It was an inside joke.

Cm17: I must be on the outside, then. Can you fill me in?

ARKK: Well, there was another user who had a virus on his PC. Super Yoshi told him to get Malwarebytes, and that fixed the problem. So we started calling him anit-malware man.

Cm17: I see.

ARKK: I whole thing is a long story, so that was the short version.

Cm17: Ok. Moving on: Another question!


Cm17: Your page also states that you never got to play a SNES...are there any games you would have liked to try and why?

ARKK: Well, I have played SNES games on the virtual console, just not an actual SNES.

Cm17: Do they play the same games? (I never got to play either)

ARKK: Well, yes…sometimes they are edited for the virtual console releases, but they are mostly the same.

Cm17: So they don’t use the same game cartridge?

ARKK: You download games for the virtual console on Wii. The SNES uses cartridges.

Cm17: Ohhh! I see! (I feel stupid now - Embarrassed) Let’s continue:

ARKK: Yes!

Cm17: We’re going to play “Last Question?” – Is this the last question?

ARKK: …I guess? I’m not sure.

Cm17: It’s not, but this is the final question: Can we be friends?

ARKK: Yes.

Cm17: OK, I'll add you to my friends list - Thank you for the interview!

ARKK: Smiley You are welcome.

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