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From the Mushroom Vaults

by Waluigi48 (talk)

Hey Mario Gamers! This is the second article of FTMV! This month I'm going to talk about Super Mario Galaxy. Here are some tips and other stuff that will help you roam the world(s)!

Spin Smash

First, jump normally. In mid-air, do a spin while ground-pounding at the same time. You'll lock on to an enemy and crush it on contact. Try playing a game where you spin smash multiple times on a Toad.

Useless Glitches

Inside the Blue House

Go to the Deep Dark Galaxy and go to the cannon. Aim for the right planet and fire. You'll soon find a blue house. Crouch walk through the door. It's very tricky because sometimes it pushes you. When you're in the house, zoom in. If you look at the front of the door of the house you'll see two Goombas attempting to attack you. If you look down you'll see a flying upside-down Goomba and a row of coins.

Inside the Three Wheels

Go to the Dusty Dune Galaxy at the first star. If you keep going, you'll find three wheels. Get on one of them and long jump acoss where two wheels meet. It may not work. If it doesn't, keep trying. If you do it correctly, you'll hit a wheel and fall into another one. You spin around and around. To get out, you just have to move the control stick in the same pattern as you're rolling in.

Well, that's all for FTMV this month! Next month I'm going to try New Super Mario Bros. Wii and see if I can't find a few secrets. See ya! Coin.gif Star.GIF Waluigidance.gifWaluigi48 Waluigidance.gif Star.GIF Coin.gif