The 'Shroom:Issue XXVII/Interview

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by Yoshario (talk)

This month's issue I interviewed ML. His nick was "Super_Macho_Man". I was gonna interview Super-Yoshi, but apparently PMing yourself something doesn't really work out so good. Sorry S-Y :(

  • Yoshario Do you want an interview for the Shroom?
  • Super__Macho__Man What do you need, good sir?
  • Super__Macho__Man Yeah, sure.
  • Yoshario Alright.
  • Yoshario How did you find out about the MarioWiki?
  • Super__Macho__Man Hmmm... I really don't know.
  • Super__Macho__Man I found it logn ago.
  • Yoshario don't know?
  • Yoshario Okay.
  • Super__Macho__Man I originally had another account, but in 2007, I came back as King Boo, then changed my name to Master Lucario.
  • Yoshario Interesting.
  • Yoshario Next question:
  • Yoshario Did ever you get a welcome and by whom?
  • Super__Macho__Man Yes. I was welcomed by The Missing Link, known as Dry Bones at the time.
  • Yoshario Ok.
  • Yoshario What was your first edit?
  • Super__Macho__Man I don't remember.
  • Yoshario Hmm.
  • Super__Macho__Man Ah, yes.
  • Super__Macho__Man That's the one.
  • Yoshario What is the one accomplishment you’ve made here that you’re most proud of?
  • Super__Macho__Man Becoming a local moderator on the forum.
  • Yoshario Major congrats on that.
  • Yoshario Anyway, next question:
  • Yoshario Do you think this is the last question?
  • Super__Macho__Man That is a trick question. If you want it to be the last question, then yes. But if it there are more questions after this (which there are), then no.
  • Yoshario Interesting way to put it.
  • Yoshario Thanks for the interview :)
  • Super__Macho__Man You're welcome.