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Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HEJ ALLA! (för tredje gången) och välkommen till direktören noterar! Im din compasive direktör Tucayo och ... eh ... låt börja med konstaterar!. What? You dont know Swedish?? Neither do I. k, ill write it in english. HI EVERYBODY! (for third time) And welcome to the director notes!!! Im your compasive director Tucayo, and… uh… let start with the Notes!

Well, lets see whats new here …WHERES THE STAR IN THIS PC?????? (5 minutes later)

  • Here :)
  • Luigi 128 is our new Entertainment writer, section which returns after a long time
  • Luigi 128 is also writing a new section called Mario,non-Mario , be sure to read it.
  • The Fake News went trough some staff changes, hopefully, this will be a great issue.

THE SPECIAL ISSUE WILL BE MOVED TO SEPTEMBER which is also the date of the 30th issue, any suggestions here or visit #mw-shroom (NOT ON THE MW CHAT)

And before I go, one really important thing, starting next issue, Stooby will take his place back as director and I as sub (Not like Subway’s, weve had this discussion before). SO thanks for all your support during this months.


I will end with a quote this time

The roots of the tree may be twisted, but its leaves won’t -Chinese proverb

Ok, no, it isnt a chinese thing, I made it up, and its stupid. Well, anyway BYE!!!