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Classic Review

by Yoshi301 (talk)

Hello to all of you people reading the Classic Review! For the next 3 weeks I will be doing the Donkey Kong Country series. This is to compare each game to each other. This week I am doing the original Donkey Kong Country, which came out in 1994. In the game, King K. Rool has stolen every banana in Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard on Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong (and his friend Diddy Kong) must get his bananas back by chasing King K. Rule down to get to ship. There is also DKC (Donkey Kong Country) for the GBA (Game Boy Advance).


I think that there could have been a better story line. I mean that there are a lot more important things in life than bananas. But then again, it is a Monkey we’re talking about.

Game play + Graphics

I think the graphics were completely at an average level. It was hard to get to a save point (for the SNES game) because, if you didn’t have it in a level already, you had to first find a “Funky Flights” and then fly to a save point in another level. If you didn’t have a “Funky Flights yet in the level, you would have to play without saving. Isn’t that great?

Characters, Enemies, and Worlds

I liked the idea of animal buddies helping you on the way. I also like the fact that you could visit all the Kongs on the map. Between the animals and Kongs, there was a fair amount of characters. There were a wide variety of Kremlings and non-Kremling enemies in DKC. From Gnaughty the beaver* to Klump and From Zinger the bee to Kritter, a wide variety. All of the Bosses were overgrown enemies. I liked that idea, but it could have been better.

There were 9 level themes. Jungle, Cave, Underwater, Mine, Temple, Forest, Tree Top, Snowy, and Factory (not what there really called). I think there could have been more. I liked how each level had bonus levels hidden well.


This game had outstanding music. I loved bonus theme. One of my favorite parts for liking this game is the music.


  • Story=7/10
  • Game Play=6/10
  • Graphics=8/10
  • Characters=9/10
  • enemies=9/10
  • Worlds=8/10
  • Music=10/10

Overall=8.142857 So now we have our DKC score. Stay tuned next month for DKC2!

*Fun Fact: Gnaughty the Beaver appearded in the 9th level of "Banjo Kazooie", "Click Clock Woods", but he was an allie of you.