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Brawl Tactics

by Corka Cola

Welcome to my first article for the Brawl Tactics section! I have remained busy throughout this Shroom, with 3 different sections!! Let's make this one my best!! First, let's go over my first character, who is my favorite by the way, Lucario!!

Character #1: Lucario

Coming straight from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Aura Pokemon Lucario comes in stronger than ever!! The Smash Bros. Wikia tier list ranks Lucario tied for 10th best character. His Down Midair Smash is awesomly powerful!! A good characteristic to name about him is that his power grows with the more damage he takes, capping at 167%. A good way you can test it is his Standard B Move, Aura Sphere! Although it misses, unlike the Pokemon games, it is a burden for opponents! The only slight disappointment is his speed, because if you saw the movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, you would see Lucario's speed, and what we assume is the same Lucario. His Final Smash, Aura Storm is awesome, but it only travels in a straight line and it is slow to move. As long as the ast 2 seconds hit your opponent, it will have the same effect that the whole 10 sec. has!

Song #1: Ike's Theme(Original from FE: Radiant Dawn)

I just purchased a copy of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn to see how awesome Ike is! AWESOME, if you're wondering!! In Part III, some battles use Ike's Theme as the background!! So while the Greil Mercenaries dominate Senator Valtome's weak soldiers, you can hear a Brawl tune!! The tune in Brawl goes with the only Fire Emblem stage, Castle Siege! Most people would think of this as a death song, but it is good and catchy, for someone who's made many Honors Bands!!

Stage #1: Lylat Cruise

The Lylat Cruise stage coming from the Star Fox games is very similar to Venom in Melee, but with a fresher and probably best music selection any stage has! You're flying on an Arwing, or for those who ignore Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and Krystal, is a Star Fox jet. The Wolfen is a better jet, but Star Fox has the better pilots! The stage shows you going through a galactic battlefield between Star Fox and Star Wolf!! Buildings falling, your plane sliding through space, awesome!!

Subspace Emissary Stage #1: The Midair Stadium

The Midair Stadium is where your adventure begins in the Story Mode. You already witness 6 characters: Peach, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Wario, and Pit. The story begins with Mario and Kirby battling it out(Choose one, doesn't affect outcome). Next, the Halberd comes, swamps the stage with Subspace bugs, and Petey Piranha shoots Mario away to Skyworld. Next, he cages the princesses and it's up to Kriby. Whichever cage you break shows which princess you want to accompany Kirby, the other one will be trophified by Wario and taken. Then, two R.O.B., the Ancient Minister and Wario use a Subspace Bomb and take te stadium away from the world until Tabuu is beaten. So, there are 3 parts, Mario vs. Kirby, Subspace Army Fight #1, and Petey Piranha Boss Fight!!

P.S. If you want to trophify Petey, go on Very Hard or Intense after beating Tabuu. Bring one of the cages down to near death and shoot a trophy stand, if one pops up, at the cage. Petey will be a trophy for that match onyl, collect it, and it will be put in the Mario section where you canwitness his bio.

Hope you enjoyed this!! "Audi Faman Illius"(I've heard legends of this person after translated from Latin)