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Review Corner

by yoshiman411 (talk)

Review Corner

Super Smash Bros Brawl Reivew

After those 2 game delays for brawl [Us Version] fans were devastated and even put Brawl Game out on there cell phones for March 9 so the game that will be reviewed today is Super Smash Bros Brawl


Overrall the game is awesome! Its a Nintendo Fans dream the game is practicaly perfect. There is four controls schemes, but Smash Bros. Veterans will certainly dust off those GameCube controllers and let the battle begin!


The best Graphics for the Wii! Everything is detailed even the denim in Mario's jeans are detailed, truly, the graphics are excellent especially considering its on Wii.

Cpu Players

Super Smash Bros. Brawl was made for multiplayer madness so Cpu player are best for people that play against level 9 Cpu's but you can put just with Cpu's and you can learn strategies, combo's and lots of other stuff.


Wow, this game has tons of modes and options! I stayed almost 15 hours Just on the bonus features! The Story Mode is cool and Brawl mode is Insanely cool!

Sound Track

This Game has retro songs to Hard rock. Truly the sound track is amazing

Final Score

9.99 - this game is the best in the series and truly deserves this rating!

This is Yoshi_4.gif Yoshi64 Please Watch my You Tube Channel [1] Yoshi_4.gif and I hope you like my review!