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Special Interviews

<SMB> Hello Xpike, thank you for letting me interview you. So, we should start from the beginning. When did you join the Super Mario Wiki? What was it like in the community, and what were the articles like in terms of quality?

<Xpike> I think the time I joined the Wiki was October 2007, because I needed to edit some things on articles about the Pixls. The community was quite good actually, you could actually enter the chatroom without feeling like a you were doing something wrong. Every article was well written, but they were lacking some things. I guess that was because Super Mario Galaxy had just came out and everyone was talking about it.

<SMB> After you joined, what did you do around the community?

<Xpike> I...don't remember.

<SMB> Okay, so now we'll go on to the topic of The 'Shroom. When did you start writing for The 'Shroom?

<Xpike> I think it was December of the same year.

<SMB> What section did you start with? What other sections did you write during your time on The 'Shroom?

<Xpike> I started with the Quiz section in the Funnies, after a while I started writing for the Fake News, don't remember what though.

<SMB> After a while, Stooben Rooben was elected to become director and he chose his staff. His Fake News director (Glitchman) retired before any issues were released, and you were appointed to take his place. What did you think when Stooben chose you?

<Xpike> This is really new to me, y'know. Either that or I had forgotten how I became Director.

<SMB> After a while, Ralphfan was appointed to become your co-director, and he later became your successor. Do you think he has been doing a good job as Fake News director?

<Xpike> I checked some of the sections after I left, it was fine job he did.

<SMB> For this issue of The 'Shroom we are having a Director's Election. The projected candidates are Marioguy1, Ralphfan, and me. Do you have anybody in particular that you'd support?

<Xpike> The sanest person on that list seems to be you, guess that's my vote :P

<SMB> What advice do you have for the aforementioned candidates?

<Xpike> To whoever wins, I hope they keep The Shroom from decay.

<SMB> To go off-topic for a second, what is your favorite video game?

<Xpike> Metal Gear, which SSBB introduced me to. Weird.

<SMB> What is your favorite number?

<Xpike> 21, don't ask why.

<SMB> Alright, I think that will do. Thank you again, Xpike, for allowing me to interview you!

<Xpike> Heh, no problem