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Special Interviews

<SMB> Hello 'Shroom readers! This is SMB, interviewing Twentytwofiftyseven (but we're all too lazy to type that out so we'll stick with his common nickname, 22). How are you today, 22?

<_2257> im ok!

<SMB> Alright, glad to hear. I suppose I'll start with my most common starting question: When did you join the wiki?

<_2257> oh god i dont even know
<_2257> let me check
<_2257> * 16:10, 25 October 2007 Twentytwofiftyseven (Talk | contribs | block) (New user (Talk | contribs | block))
<_2257> yeah

<SMB> Neat. What was the wiki like when you joined?

<_2257> i… dont remember at all
<_2257> i kind of only edited one or two pages back then
<_2257> i didnt really pay attention to other users either

<SMB> Oh, okay. About when did your activity start picking up?

<_2257> i think i went inactive for like 6 months
<_2257> it was after that

<SMB> Ah. So once you became active, what did you mostly do around the wiki?

<_2257> i guess i wandered around and edited pages at random
<_2257> i added a lot to beta elements though, iirc
<_2257> and the mlbis articles
<_2257> yeah

<SMB> Oh yes... I think Son of Suns actually mentioned something about that when you were nominated for one of your promotions. So that makes sense. Tell me, I've seen many users go to you for help with coding and translating things into Japanese. Do you feel that this is your main area of expertise?

<_2257> they sure do!
<_2257> im not really an expert in any of those things
<_2257> 这不是日语可是你们不知道。
<_2257> :D

<SMB> Well, perhaps not an expert, but you are one of the best on the wiki in regards to both of these things. In fact, I remember Wayoshi once mentioned your great ability in coding; I think he mentioned this upo his retirement.
<SMB> *upon

-->| St00b ( has joined #interview
<St00b> hola

<SMB> Oh hey St00b, I'm actually interviewing 22 right now. XD

<_2257> oh my god interlopers!!!!!
<_2257> `kick st00b
<_2257> >:(((((((((((
<_2257> [21:43'49] <SMB> Well, perhaps not an expert, but you are one of the best on the wiki in regards to both of these things. In fact, I remember Wayoshi once mentioned your great ability in coding; I think he mentioned this upo his retirement.
<_2257> [21:43'53] *upon
<_2257> i just noticed you said this!
<_2257> but actually
<_2257> its not a question
<_2257> :D

<SMB> When did you develop these skills?

<_2257> in a couple months i will develop them and then go back in time and teach myself
<_2257> or maybe years
<_2257> the details are kind of fuzzy
<_2257> since its the future!
<_2257> and also maybe it doesnt work that way im not sure
<_2257> i never payed that much attention
<_2257> during the time travel classes
<_2257> actually i slept through most of them
<_2257> which
<_2257> i think was a much better use of my time
<_2257> than listening
<_2257> my eye is twitching :'(
<_2257> also stooben is still here

<SMB> Heh. I've heard time travel class is mean.

<_2257> that means im invited to his interview right??
<_2257> oh yeah i know!!
<_2257> if you dont draw the timelines the right way
<_2257> the teacher slaps you with a ruler!
<_2257> because see

<SMB> :(

<_2257> hes from like the 1800s when that was ok

<SMB> Oh okay. Well that's understandable.

<_2257> he didnt hit me while i was asleep though
<_2257> i payed attention in the economics unit
<_2257> and got a whole bunch of money by exploiting cds at the bank
<_2257> and then i payed him to let me pass
<_2257> it was great :)
<_2257> oh
<_2257> will be great i guess
<_2257> because
<_2257> despite happening in my past
<_2257> this is in your future

<SMB> Oh great. x_x

<_2257> dont worry, you survive

<SMB> Oh okay. Good. But yes, after you became active on the wiki, you eventually became a patroller, and later on became a sysop, and later on a bureaucrat. How do you feel making it all this way in the time you'vebeen here?

<_2257> its great
<_2257> i love it
<_2257> i love everyone and everything <3
<_2257> except when i have a mood swing
<_2257> which is often
<_2257> then i hate everyone and everything <3<

<SMB> Heh. You've also become a part of the Poll Committee. How do you feel about that? (Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the process? :P)

<_2257> oh, the poll committee
<_2257> uhm
<_2257> i enjoy it when we can put up a poll thats not "what is your favorite from among these things"
<_2257> because then its not just a duplicate of the anniversary awards
<_2257> i dont usually have ideas for what kind of polls fit that criterion, though
<_2257> uh
<_2257> for polls… that fit that criterion, i mean to say
<_2257> as for improving the process, im not really sure
<_2257> right now it seems to be going pretty well aside from the fact that theres not that many suggestions
<_2257> which isnt really something we can change by instituting rules anyway

<SMB> Alright. I can see what you're getting. But yes, let's see... The 'Shroom! When did you start writing for it?

<_2257> i dont write for the shroom :P
<_2257> well
<_2257> sometimes i do
<_2257> mostly to rant about random things
<_2257> but actually my job is the editor in chief
<_2257> position
<_2257> i think that started in january?
<_2257> i dunno, whenever yoshario quit

<SMB> Oh. So, you have never written for The 'Shroom, but you do write the EIC Notes (which I personally love, by the way. :P). And... You started in February 2010.

<_2257> yeah!

<SMB> Yoshario held the position for one month (December 2009), but lost his position due to inactivity. Then Ralphfan filled in for a onth in January 2010 and you started Feruary.

<_2257> oh, did he?
<_2257> i didnt know that >_>

<SMB> Heh. :P

<_2257> [22:11'31] * Gamefreak75 goes to #interview
<_2257> and yet
<_2257> HES NOT HERE
<_2257> he must have died on the way

<SMB> Oh no!

<_2257> SMB!
<_2257> !!!

<SMB> ;_;

<_2257> we need to add obituaries to the shroom
<St00b> that's what you get for rigging the door with a shotgun >_>
<_2257> so gamefreak is never — STOOBEN AAAAH
<_2257> …;-;
<_2257> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;-------------------------;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
<_2257> that is how i feel right now
<_2257> now
<_2257> that gamefreak is dead
<_2257> lets collect his blood and throw it on noobs
<_2257> maybe their reactions will make me feel better :D

<SMB> Hm... Cool!

<_2257> i think i can hear his ghost :(
<_2257> oh my god i just found a potato on top of my computer :D
<_2257> yesssssss its still warm

|<-- SMB has left (Killed (NickServ (KILL requested by UserGuest)))
-->| SMB ( has joined #interview

<_2257> oh my gof]

<SMB> >_>

<_2257> you were killed by a guest
<_2257> youve gotta watch out for those guests theyre terrible
<_2257> always

<SMB> :(

<_2257> hiding in dark alleyways with knives

<SMB> I know. ;_:
<SMB> ;_;

<_2257> waiting to KILL YOU TO DEATH

<SMB> Uh oh

<_2257> yeah!!!
<_2257> i know all about dying to death
<_2257> ffff i dropped a piece of potato on the floor
<_2257> >:(

<SMB> So, 2, what has it been like working on the 'Shroom from the point of view of a living dead?
<SMB> :[

<_2257> well
<_2257> it is nice to be able to campaign for the interests of the undead in a public media outlet
<_2257> i never do that
<_2257> but
<_2257> its nice that the option is there!

<SMB> Yeah!
<SMB> So, the Director's Election has started. Biggest candidates are me, MG1, and Ralph. Do any of us strike you as good candidates? Oh, and what advice do you have for us?

<_2257> no youre all terrible candidates and the shroom is doomed no matter who wins >:(
<_2257> my advice is that you should at least make sure it is doomed spectacularly instead of dullly :D
<_2257> dullly?
<_2257> dull-ly
<_2257> i dont know how to spell that
<_2257> or
<_2257> if its even a word

<SMB> Oh cool. You found out my pl- I That's pretty nice advice! :shifty:

<_2257> :D

<SMB> At least the paper looks nice dying!

<_2257> maybe throw a fireworks show
<_2257> like
<_2257> you could get those mushroom shaped fireworks from smb3
<_2257> and set them off!
<_2257> that would be really heavy handed symbolism but thats ok because more people will get it that way

<SMB> Sounds nice. :)

<_2257> chatzilla says that ok is a misspelling and okay is correct >:(
<_2257> i just noticed
<_2257> but that is wrooooooong :(
<_2257> or maybe not who really knows :D

<SMB> :P

<_2257> hey
<_2257> theres no ops
<_2257> that means you cant kick me out to interview stooben :D

<SMB> Yeah.. MY internet died and I lost op. x_X

<_2257> :P

<SMB> :P
<SMB> But yes, I suppose it is almost time to wrap up this interview, 2. Are there any comments you want to add before we conclude?

<_2257> omp youre not even going to let me evangelize :(
<_2257> or do i mean proselytize
<_2257> im not even sure what either of those words mean
<_2257> but
<_2257> probably one of them is vaguely close to what i mean so
<_2257> lets go with that!

<SMB> Okay!

<_2257> oh i know how about
<_2257> "prosevangelityze
<_2257> "
<_2257> that sounds good

<SMB> :O
<SMB> OMP awesome!

<_2257> yeah!
<_2257> that word means whatever it is that i was trying to say before but couldnt
<_2257> ive just decided that :)
<_2257> we can add it to our secret language

<SMB> Yes. :P
<SMB> Alright, if that's all... Then we shall closethe interview?

<_2257> ok!!

<SMB> Alright folks, there you have it. This has been a great interview with the great 2257!