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Special Interviews

Part I

<SMB> Hello 'Shroomies, welcome to another cool interview! SMB here, with Stooben and 22, and we're on motorcycles!
<SMB> Today, we're interviewing Stooben.

<St00b> *trumpet fanfare*

<SMB> So, Stooben, I'll start out with this: When did you join thewiki?

<St00b> A long time ago. Before you were even born, probably.
<St00b> November of 07. :)
<_2257> after me :D
<St00b> shut up you're dead
<_2257> :((
<_2257> how discriminatory
<St00b> How dare you!
<_2257> how dare i what? O_o
<St00b> Accuse me of being discriminatory.
<St00b> You were here, SMB. I didn't do anything!
<St00b> Make sure the readers know that. :)
<_2257> no you discriminated against me for being UNdead
<_2257> not "dead"
<_2257> thats rude >:(
<St00b> You're a skeleton. How am I supposed to know which type of dead you are?
<_2257> because im talking
<_2257> people who are just dead dont do that unless you hold a seance or something
<St00b> How do I know you're really talking? You could just be a voice in my head.
<St00b> ...N-not that I'm crazy, fellow 'Shroom readers. :)
<_2257> you should be nice to your crazy person hallucinations too
<_2257> in case they turn out to be reall
<_2257> and also because it will make your insanity a much more pleasant experience
<_2257> if the hallucinations are nice to you
<_2257> and theyll only be nice to you if youre nice to them
<St00b> hm...that's a good point...
<_2257> yes
<_2257> so dont call me dead
<_2257> >:(
<St00b> I'm sorry, Mr. Hallucination. You're very undead. :)
<St00b> that camera still rolling
<_2257> it probably cant see me
<_2257> if im a hallucination
<_2257> although i am actually the one with the camera
<_2257> so it is probably a hallucination too, if i am
<_2257> i think smb crashed though
<St00b> Crashed?
<St00b> in his car?
<_2257> no
<St00b> I didn't know SMB could dr-
<St00b> oh
<St00b> his snowmobile?
<_2257> were having this interview on motorcycles, remember?
<St00b> we are?
<_2257> yes
<St00b> but you're not wearing a helmet!
<_2257> theres no risk of brain damage
<_2257> i have no brain
<_2257> so i dont need a helmet
<_2257> also
<_2257> how do you NOT notice youre riding a motorcycle?
<St00b> you might crack your skull
<_2257> i can fix it
<_2257> it gets cracked all the time
<St00b> well, I'm just so good at it, I guess I don't even realize when I'm doing it...
<_2257> right…
<_2257> you didnt notice smb and me on motorcycles either
<St00b> no
<St00b> i have eyepatches on
<_2257> the longer this conversation goes on
<_2257> OH
<St00b> remember, you told me to wear them. >_>
<_2257> OH MY POOCHY!
<St00b> Yes.
<_2257> cool
<St00b> Very cool.
<St00b> I may invest in a peg leg.
<_2257> smb!
<_2257> smb you should become a ninja so you can duel stooben on motorcycle while interviewing him
<_2257> it will be amazing
<St00b> hardly
<St00b> I could beat SMB with my hook tied behind my back!
<St00b> even if he WAS a ninja

<SMB> :(

<St00b> sorry SMB. :(
<St00b> I think it's because you have no hat
<St00b> the power is always in the hat
<_2257> but hell be distracting you with interview questions
<_2257> !!!
<_2257> also he can use the top side of my head as a hat
<_2257> hats made from skulls are like the most badass thing
<St00b> but you have no power
<St00b> you're a hallucination
<St00b> at least hats are real >:(
<_2257> are you suuuuuuuuuure
<St00b> I'm positive.
<St00b> SMB isn't even talking to you. That's how I know.
<_2257> smb didnt talk to you either

<SMB> Hi 22

<_2257> he just kinda frowned
<_2257> that could have had any number of causes
<St00b> omg you really ARE there?!
<_2257> like
<_2257> crashing
<_2257> yes i really am there!
<_2257> i told you man
<_2257> so clearly i would be the most awesome hat ever
<St00b> hm, I guess I can believe you now.
<St00b> I bet you would be an uncomfortable hat
<_2257> smb would gain so much badassitude from wearing my skull that youd be knocked down just being in his presence
<St00b> you'd probably fall down and cover SMB's face
<_2257> hed be too badass to need to see
<St00b> wait
<St00b> why?
<_2257> also fighting while blind makes you like 200 times more badass
<St00b> what makes YOU a badass?
<_2257> nothing
<St00b> well then
<_2257> its wearing a skull for a hat
<_2257> that does it
<St00b> how about I pull out your rib cage and wear it as a hat? :)
<St00b> (Scarecrow is the only person alive that would get that reference.)
<_2257> a rib cage is a lame hat
<St00b> A rib cage is an /awesome/ hat
<_2257> if you look at the way the bones are connected
<_2257> it wouldnt even stay on your head
<_2257> it would just fall off in a little pile of failure at your feet
<St00b> I would reconstruct the bones to make a beer hat
<_2257> while smb stood there
<_2257> just looking
<_2257> secure in the knowledge that he didnt even have to lift a finger
<_2257> to be so much more badass than you that the science of comparative badassitude
<_2257> would simply not be adequately advanced to measure it
<St00b> SMB will never be more badass than me
<St00b> I'm made out of Legos. B)
<_2257> youre wearing a diaper
<St00b> The diaper is made out of that same material Lego capes are made out of
<_2257> you dont even have any physiological reason to use a diaper
<St00b> I had a scientist make organs for me.
<St00b> Like Bicentennial Man.
<_2257> uh
<_2257> and one of them was what
<_2257> the diaper use cortex??
<_2257> its only function is to soil diapers!
<St00b> no...
<_2257> to make money for pampers
<_2257> damn those special interests
<St00b> I...
<St00b> uh
<_2257> requiring all cyborgs to turn a profit
<_2257> for diaper companies
<_2257> and morgues
<St00b> all you need is luvs
<_2257> i dont even defecate any more
<St00b> also, now I must go
<St00b> my motorcycle ran out of gas :(

<SMB> :(

<_2257> oh

<SMB> I'll get you some more tomorrow during Part II!

<_2257> you should get one like mine
<_2257> it is powered by impotent rage so it never runs out :)
<St00b> I can't afford something like that
<St00b> :(
<St00b> Bye guys!
<_2257> you probably dont have enough rage either
<_2257> bye
<St00b> I have enough love <3
<_2257> you shouldnt use love as fuel
<_2257> that needs to be conserved there is too little of it already
<St00b> That is a very true point.
  • St00b gives 2257 and SMB some love.
<St00b> hang on to that
<St00b> you might need it someday
<_2257> aww <3
  • St00b goes up the chimney.
|<-- St00b has left (Exit: Userpedia forever!)
<_2257> but
<_2257> …we arent indoors
<_2257> ……

Part II

<SMB> Welcome back, everybody! This is Part II of the interview with Stooben, and I have given Stooben a new tank of gas so that we can continue our motorbike-enhance interview!
<SMB> Welcome back both of you.

<St00b> Thanks.
<St00b> It's good to be here again.
<St00b> I even polished my motorcycle helmet just for this show.

<SMB> :D
<SMB> So... Let's see... Stooben, when you joined the wiki, what was it like?

<St00b> Well, it was a lot smaller than it is now. I think there were only about 3,000 articles.
<St00b> There were a lot less admins than there are now, too
<St00b> Oh yeah, and pretty much every active member was editing the Brawl articles. :P

<SMB> Ah. Speaking of admins, what were the circumstances surrounding your initial promotion to sysop? Like, what was going on with the wiki, what was your main focus on the wiki, etc.

<St00b> If I remember right, when I was promoted, there were quite a few inactive admins. I guess the fact that I was active and was well-liked by most of the community were the biggest contributing factors to my promotion.

|<-- SMB has left (Ping timeout)

<St00b> SMB crashed!
  • St00b stops his motorcycle.
<_2257> oh no :(
<_2257> i hope he isnt hurt
  • _2257 calls 911
<St00b> It looks like he's just passed out.
  • St00b kicks SMB's head lightly.
<_2257> >:(
<_2257> now what am i going to say?
<_2257> "i thought we had a problem, but oops! false alarm"
<_2257> "go back to what you were doing"
<_2257> theyll think its a prank call >:(
<_2257> then ill go to jail
<St00b> no
<St00b> you can't go to jail for tha
<St00b> that*
<St00b> I'm sure it happens all the time
<_2257> ok
<_2257> but
<_2257> if anyone asks
<_2257> it was you who called 911
<_2257> not me
<St00b> ok, deal
<_2257> :D

-->| SMB ( has joined #interview
=-= Mode #interview +o SMB by ChanServ
<SMB> Gah internet >_>

<St00b> SMB you missed the interview.

<SMB> :(
<SMB> Oh man
<SMB> So, what was 2008 like for you around the community (wiki, chat, forum, UP, etc.)?

<St00b> It was pretty good.
<St00b> Xzelion was still active, which is an automatic win.
<St00b> Garlic and I were constantly competing with each other for Sysophood.
<St00b> (I enjoyed that.)
<St00b> And then, later that year, I was promoted to Sysop, and eventually Bureaucrat. That was the best part of that year.
<St00b> Maria had been attacking the MW like crazy at that time, too. I'm certainly glad things are more calm now.

<SMB> Ah, yes... Reading your responses, I have two questions for you. The whole Garlic-Stooben competition... I've heard a lot about it. What were the circumstances behind that? Also, I remember when Maia was around in 2009. When exactly did she start doing her trolling?

<St00b> 1. Well, mostly, we competed on certain projects. I think one of the Mario Kart articles was one we spent the most time on.
<St00b> I also remember that we would finish each other projects. If I started creating a series of edits (like, lots of template edits), Garlic would usually finish it for me.
<St00b> And vice-versa. :P
<St00b> All in all, it made things pretty fun.
<St00b> 2. Maria started trolling around late October of '08. It got pretty hectic at times.

<SMB> Ah, I see. Sounds like your competitions were quite productive. :P Also, a little earlier this year, Maria reformed (and hasn't trolled since). Your thoughts on this?

<St00b> I honestly haven't communicated with Maria enough since then to have any real opinion, but the few times I did talk with her, she seemed pretty nice.
<St00b> So, if she really has reformed, then good for her!

|<-- SMB has left (Ping timeout)
-->| SMB ( has joined #interview
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<SMB> Argh >_____>

<St00b> Did you see my answer?

<SMB> No, please do repeat.

<St00b> OK.
<St00b> I honestly haven't communicated with Maria enough since then to have any real opinion, but the few times I did talk with her, she seemed pretty nice.

<St00b> So, if she really has reformed, then good for her!

<SMB> Yeah. So, tell me, it was 2008. You ran for Director of The 'Shroom. What was it like during the election, and after you won? What challenged were you faced with throughout your term in 2009?

<St00b> I was pretty nervous at first.
<St00b> I didn't really think very many people would vote for me.
<St00b> Naturally, when I won with 40+ votes, I was surprised. o_0
<St00b> I felt kinda bad about how many votes I got, too. I think a good portion of them were biased towards me, to be honest.
<St00b> There weren't a whole lot of challenges in 2009, aside from my crazy schedule constantly getting in the way of The 'Shroom.
<St00b> Tucayo and I had to switch spots as Director 2 or 3 times that year
<St00b> Overall, though, I think 2009 turned out quite good.

<SMB> Heh. Yeah. The infamous Stooben-Tucayo switch (as it has come to be called). I agree that 2009 was relatively good, but I myself remember a few problems at the end (but mostly at the start of 2010), which is why we came up with applications and stuff. Overall, from 2008 to now, you and Tucky have saved The 'Shroom from bad times.

<St00b> Thanks! :)
<St00b> I'm curious to see what 2011 will bring for The 'Shroom.

<SMB> Indeed. I will cover that in a minute but for now... What happened during 2009 outside of The 'Shroom? I know you became Steward of UP during this time, as well as "In Charge of the Forum" on the MW Forum. what else happened?

<St00b> Well, Xephyr became quite popular in 2009. I was happy to see that site finally become active after so long.
<St00b> I also started working on Spirit Lies in 2009. Now it's turned into quite a big production.
<St00b> I retired from #mariowiki sometime in 2009, too.
<St00b> I can't really think of anything else that was /too/ notable, though.

<SMB> Ah. Hm... Tell me about all of the events, please. :P Why did Xephyr get so active? Spirit Lies was originally just your project, and then it grew so much you've got a whole entire crew. Who's in your crew? And why'd you leave #mariowiki?

<St00b> Well, Xephyr mainly became active because I invited a lot of people there. I guess people just found the overall atmosphere of the site more laid back and enjoyable.
<St00b> Edofenrir and 2257 are probably the two biggest contributors to Spirit Lies. Edo has done wonders with the game graphics-wise, while 57 has created and modified quite a few scripts to make the game more enjoyable.
<St00b> Walkazo, Xpike, and Volke also contribute to the project, but to a lesser degree. They mostly provide ideas and contructive criticism.
<St00b> I don't think I could ever finish Spirit Lies without them. (Especially Edo and 2257.)
<St00b> I mainly left #mariowiki because I had grown tired of the administration and the types of conversations that would go on there.

<SMB> Ah. I can agree about the atmosphere of Xephyr: I browse through topics every day despite not posting a lot. As for Sprit Lies, I know that the members of your team are all quite dependable, so I wish you all luck on the game (I'll try getting a demo soon!). And yeah, I also agree with the #mariowiki comment. Things had gotten out of hand in the end, although I hear the atmosphere is better now.

<St00b> Thanks! I appreciate your support. :)
<St00b> And I stopped by #mariowiki a couple times this year, and things did seem a bit better there.

<SMB> No problem. :) So, at the end of 2009 you run against Tucky and me in the 2009 Director Election. How was that?

<St00b> That was pretty intense.
<St00b> I honestly thought that Tucayo was gonna win since he had done wonders with The 'Shroom already.
<St00b> And your campaign intimidated me. :P

<SMB> Heh. :P Well, you pulled through and beat both of us. What did you do after this? What was to come in 2010?

<St00b> I had started putting together plans to improve The 'Shroom (awards for good writers, improving article quality, putting interviews into place, and quite a few other things)
<St00b> but I never actually got around to finishing much of them.
<St00b> Honestly, I'm not pleased with my work as Director this year. The 'Shroom would have fell apart if not for the Core Staff.

<SMB> Well, what with things happening in your personal life and your computer constantly acting up, you were faced with much difficulty. You tried your best, and that is all we could ask for. Also, although you didn't finish some of the projects, you at least helped start them up. We had something to build on.

<St00b> Heh, thanks. You're too kind.

<SMB> :P But yes, what else happened in 2010 around the community for you? Like, what have you done on Xephyr, MarioWiki and its forums, and UP for the past year?

<St00b> 2010 has been a pretty quiet year for me. I haven't done quite as much around the community because I've been mostly focused on Spirit Lies
<St00b> In the summer, I purchased my own server and moved Xephyr to it.
<St00b> I also killed an alligator.
<St00b> I returned to Userpedia briefly to help the site get back on it's feet (along with you, MBV, and Edo), but I retired again shortly thereafter.
<St00b> I think that's about it.

<SMB> Oh yeah, I remember when you got the server. Pretty big for Xephyr indeed. Also, that alligator had it coming if was going to keep you from the site! And I also remember your valiant return to UP. :P
<SMB> But yes. Anywho, time goes by, and you come and go... And then come back and go... And then you came back just a day or two ago. How's it feel to be back?

<St00b> It's fantastic.
<St00b> Especially knowing that I'm on a computer that isn't infested with viruses.
<St00b> It's great to be working on my RPG again, too. I really want to see it finished someday.
<St00b> But most of all, it's great to be back and talking with my friends again. :)

<SMB> Glad to hear. It's great to have you back, too. So now we're at the end of the year, and here we are with the 2010 'Shroom election. I already have my campaign posted, and MG1 and Ralph are likely to have theirs up soon. Are there any of us three that you find yourself specifically supporting? Also, what advice do you have for us?

<St00b> It's a tough decision; all three of you have a LOT of 'Shroom experience.
<St00b> I'd have to say that I support you most of all, though.
<St00b> Ralph has the determination, and MG1 has the charisma...
<St00b> but you have both those qualities and more.
<St00b> As far as advice goes, there's not too much to say. Just try to get along with each other as much as you can -- it really makes things easier in the long run.
<St00b> And make sure you pick staff members that you know are gonna be reliable.
<St00b> But I'm sure you guys already knew that. ;)

|<-- SMB has left (Killed (NickServ (KILL requested by UserGuest)))
-->| SMB ( has joined #interview
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<SMB> Thanks. :) And yes, I'm sure all three of us (whoever wins) will take your advice.
<SMB> Hm... Let's look a bit into the future now. Spirit Lies. About how much longer until another demo? And how much longer until a full-release?

<St00b> Oh wow, I am so large with not knowing. Lol
<St00b> I'm hoping we'll have another demo released by summer of next year.
<St00b> There's a lot of work to be done until a demo /can/ be released, though.
<St00b> The full release will be quite a while in the future.
<St00b> But probably before Duke Nukem Forever is released. >_>

<SMB> Lol. :P But yes, what about your future in the community? Any plans on what you're going to do now that you're back?

<St00b> I had planned a couple months ago to retire at the end of this year, but since I got back, my mind's been changed.
<St00b> I might do a bit more editing around the wiki next year. Maybe I'll aim for 20,000 edits before retiring. :P
<St00b> I may still retire from the MW forum soon, but that will probably be the only place I retire from.
<_2257> it had better be >_>
<St00b> Is that a threat?
<_2257> yes
<_2257> :D
  • St00b slaps 2257.
<St00b> I can drive with my feet, I'll have you know
<_2257> ok
<_2257> im surprised your feet can reach the pedals, actually
<St00b> If it was a Harley-Davidson, they couldn't.
<St00b> That's why I bought a Fischer-Price. :)
<_2257> oh, a fischer price motorcycle :)
<St00b> Yes.
<_2257> what is its top speed?
<St00b> 120
<_2257> 120 whats?
<St00b> fph...
<_2257> and what is the acceleration like?
<St00b> It's kind of bad on tough terrain.
<_2257> :(
<St00b> Why are you :(ing?
<St00b> Undead men tell no tales...
<_2257> i tell lots of tails!
<_2257> i guess im not technically a man though
<_2257> so maybe thats expected

<SMB> Gentlemen, I believe it is almost time to wrap up. I have a few more questions for Stooben.

<St00b> Okay then.

<SMB> Tell me, Stooben: What is your opinion on the future of The 'Shroom?

<St00b> This kind of goes without saying, but I really hope that The 'Shroom only goes up in quality from here on out.
<St00b> I'd also like to see some of my ideas for this year finally get put into place, but I would totally understand if they didn't.
<St00b> I can't really think of much else to say than that.

<SMB> Well, I think that all three of the candidates in this election are interested in starting section of the month back up (that was one of the most anticipated suggestions).

<St00b> Yes, I really hope to see that go back into place. :)

<SMB> Hm... Any last comments before we go onto the last question?

<St00b> Nah. The Press will use them against me.

<SMB> Oh really? ...(in a voice aside to himself) He's on to me. >__>

<St00b> Tsk tsk.

<SMB> Um... I suppose we shall have the last question (the next one doesn't count :P). Are you ready?

<St00b> I'm ready!

<SMB> What is your favorite moment in time in this community? When I ask this, consider EVERYTHING (from when you joined to this exact moment; from MarioWiki to Xephyr to UP... any moment on a site in the extended MarioWiki community).

<St00b> Wow, this is a hard question.
<St00b> There are a lot of moments I've experienced in the community that could qualify as my favorite.
<St00b> The first troll I helped take down (alongside DP and Xzelion), my promotion to Sysop, my promotion to 'Crat (with Stumpers and Time Q), helping U-Adriels get on it's feet, seeing Xephyr finally become a success, a lot of the work I've done on the RPG with Edo and 22...
<St00b> not to mention all the great times I've had with my friends...
<St00b> I'd have to say it's a tie between two events:
<St00b> 1. My promotion to Sysop on the MarioWiki (I had been looking forward to a promotion for months; it was so nice to have all that hard work pay off)
<St00b> 2. When Agonizing Masterpiece Productions was formed. Having my best friends accompany in such an involved hobby really made me feel...well, loved, in a sense. Deep down, I knew I could never finish the game alone. Edo and 22 really gave me hope that the game would eventually be finished, and finished well.
<_2257> aww :3
<St00b> :)

<SMB> I see. If I were you, I'd probably say the same. :)
<SMB> Well, I suppose that's all folks. This has been an interview with Stooben the Rooben (with 2257 accompanying us in our motorcycle ride)!

<St00b> Thanks. It's been a pleasure!