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Special Interviews

<SMB> Welcome, 'Shroomers! SMB here, interviewing our current Fake News dirextor, Ralphfan!
<SMB> *director
<SMB> ...Gah. >_>

<ralphfan> You made the first typo :)

<SMB> :P
<SMB> But yes, welcome Ralph!

<ralphfan> All right

<SMB> When did you join the wiki, Ralph? When you joined, what was the community like?

<ralphfan> I joined on November 13, 2008
<ralphfan> I sucked at editing initially
<ralphfan> The community was really welcoming, with a lot of experienced users
<ralphfan> I become friends with two of them, Dom and Tucky
<ralphfan> I joined the forums and chat in March 2009
<ralphfan> I wasn't really active on the forums until October
<ralphfan> But I was in chat a lot
<ralphfan> And most people there hated me for a while
<ralphfan> Now, generally speaking, I get along with most of the users that are still around that I used to hate

<SMB> Ah. Indeed, the community has usually been welcoming (I know I felt welcome when I came back to editing in April 2009). Also, I remember talking to Dom once or twice. He seems like a really cool guy. In response to your forum comment, it's kind of funny... I mean, you started out not really active on the forum, and now you're one of the most active users. :P And it's good to know that you get along with most of the users that you initially didn't. I shows that they probably got to know you better.
<SMB> Anywho, on to the next question: Quality of articles. What were they like?

<ralphfan> Most of them were pretty good
<ralphfan> There were some typos
<ralphfan> That I helped to fix
<ralphfan> But they were pretty good
<ralphfan> When I joined there were OVER 9000
<ralphfan> Now we're over 11,000

<SMB> I see that reference right there. :P Anyway, later on in your wiki life, you've shown to be quite successful, holding many positions of leadership.
<SMB> When you joined the wiki, did you feel that you had it in you to make it where you are today?

<ralphfan> Well, I didn't know about The 'Shroom at first
<ralphfan> So not exactly
<ralphfan> I thought maybe I'd be a Sysop
<ralphfan> But I don't do much mainspace work
<ralphfan> I definitely didn't expect the 12,000 posts, trolling and then reforming

<SMB> Yeah. Tell me, you are also quite a big part of the Awards (you are actually the current director of the whole program). Which ceremony did you start doing presentations, and what are some of your biggest contributions to the event throughout your time on it?

<ralphfan> I started in 2009. Overall, my presentations sucked.
<ralphfan> I guess they were a little better this year.
<ralphfan> I co-directed this year with Stooben and got a little guidance
<ralphfan> from Wayo.
<ralphfan> I learned all the formatting and am ready for next year.
<ralphfan> I guess getting all the presentations up within two minutes of their scheduled time was my biggest accomplishment, seeing as 2009 went almost three hours long.
<ralphfan> We finished 15 minutes early this year.
<ralphfan> I joined for
<ralphfan> Issue XXIII, I believe
<ralphfan> Which would freak out Jorge
<ralphfan> I did a couple of Fake News positions, but I realized nobody else was writing, so I filled in for them. I believe my peak was nine sections.
<ralphfan> I became co-director with Xpike in April.
<ralphfan> In August I became the only director.
<ralphfan> I also did a review called Monthly Mulligan for a few months.
<ralphfan> I now do Forum Update for Pipe Plaza and Review Corner.

<SMB> Ah, sounds like you've done quite a bit. You were also Editor-in-Chief for one issue. What was that like?

<ralphfan> I was a fill-in for one issue, all I did was proofread.
<ralphfan> It wasn't a big difference since I was already in the staff boards.

<SMB> Ah. Tell me, what do you have in your future for The 'Shroom? I talked with Tucky and MG1, and we feel that you (along with MG1 and me) would have a shot at being Director if you ran. I also know you've told me once or twice that you would consider running...

<ralphfan> Yeah. I feel there are other people that are just as qualified, if not more qualified, but I'm considering running and the fewer members of the current staff run, the more likely it will be that I run.

<SMB> Well, I myself might be running too, so if you decide to run: may the best man win. ;)
<SMB> So, any other plans in your wiki future? Any other goals you would like to meet?

<ralphfan> I'd like to put together a better Awards show
<ralphfan> Maybe break 1,000 votes on all 30 Mario Awards
<ralphfan> We had a big decrease last year because I blocked repeat voting by cookies instead of IP.
<ralphfan> I'd like to help with more 'Shroom stuff and host more Mafia games
<ralphfan> And hopefully help with fixing up Userpedia

<SMB> Ah, yes. Userpedia. You direct The Disconnected (in fact, you are the one that the community elected to be my successor). What are you currently planning to do with The Disconnected, and (although it's a long way off) do you plan on running for director again come 2011?

<ralphfan> Depends on The Disconnected's success at that point.
<ralphfan> I want to get more writers and more sections, and get the community more involved.

<SMB> Yes. That was actually a huge problem during my term as director, but I think that now that I'm putting more into getting UP in shape, we'll see both The Disconnected and the wiki, as well as the UP forum, grow.
<SMB> Oh, and the other staff members. It's really the staff across the UP wiki, forum, chat, and Disconnected that are making things become better, not so much just me.

<ralphfan> I feel we're making lots of progress, especially with the forum.

<SMB> Indeed. I believe we are almost done with our interview. Just a couple more questions.

<ralphfan> OK

<SMB> What is your favorite video game?

<ralphfan> Ooh, tough one.
<ralphfan> Madden 08 and Galaxy are up there
<ralphfan> But I have to say TTYD.

<SMB> Ah. TTYD is up there in my favorites... The whole Paper Mario series (and yes, I include Super Paper Mario in this :P) consists of my favorite video games. All 3 are tied for best in my opinion.

<ralphfan> I also tried not to rage about the time between posts on the UP Forums.

<SMB> Aha, I saw that. :P
<SMB> Hm... I actually just thought of a question. Who is your biggest role model on the wiki? You know, your biggest influence and inspiration?
<SMB> By "wiki", I mean throughout the entire community. It can be on forum, wiki, chat, UP, etc.

<ralphfan> Hm...
<ralphfan> Stooben and Tucky are definitely up there.

<SMB> Ah. Indeed, Tucky and Stooben are great users to look to.

<ralphfan> Wayoshi was also a good role model.

<SMB> Yes. He is respectable user and was a good leading figure on the wiki.
<SMB> Well, I think it is time to wrap this up.
<SMB> I have one last question to ask you, Ralph.

<ralphfan> Fire away.

<SMB> a?

<ralphfan> b!

<SMB> Well, okay then, 'Shroomers! There we've got it!

<ralphfan> Thanks!