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Special Interviews

<SMB> When did you join the wiki, and what was it like when you joined? What were the articles like in terms of quality?

<Confused> Back in April of 07 I believe. Article quality suffered because we had no strict guidelines on what articles were and were not allowed. The rules were very lax back then.

<SMB> You were one of the first few patrollers of the site. What was that like?

<Confused> I was actually the one who proposed the rank due to high vandalism at the time because I felt that very few users were experienced enough to be sysops.

<SMB> When did you join The 'Shroom? What did you sign up for when you did?

<Confused> About a month after I joined the wiki. I actually proposed to take over Fake News since WarioLoaf was inactive.

<SMB> After a few issues of leading the Fake News, WarioLoaf gave it up and you became the director. What was the Fake News like at this time?

<Confused> It was very undeveloped. WarioLoaf was the only writer and (no offense to him) he wrote it very crudely. I changed that and replaced his toilet humor with genuine creativity. I revived it and felt that this type of thing would be better suited to a team. At first, it was very difficult to turn things in by deadline because the entire process meant sending all the Fake News sections to me, then me sending it to Wayoshi after editing and formatting. After a few months, my team finally got the hang of it and we were an enormous success.

<SMB> There is an election for the Director position of The 'Shroom coming up in the December issue of The 'Shroom. When you directed Fake News, there was no such concept of the users determining who became in charge of the paper. What are your opinions on the users being able to elect the director? Also, what advice would you have to offer the potential new director?

<Confused> Wow, didn't know the 'Shroom had elections. I think it's wonderful, it really gives the users more power over the 'Shroom, which can't be a bad thing. Some advice I'd give the future director is to be as professional as possible and listen to the readers even after the election.

<SMB> When was the last time you have checked up on the wiki? Do you have any plans on checking on it again in the future?

<Confused> I honestly do not remember when the last time I logged in was. I actually might check in, not as a user, but as an anonymous guest. I will also be checking to make sure the 'Shroom is doing all right.

<SMB> In regards to the question listed above: what was your impression on the wiki the last time you saw it? Was it better than it was when you had first joined?

<Confused> The wiki in general was very undeveloped and lawless. Vandals struck at aleast once a week and we had very few defined policies. Since I have no idea when I last logged in, I can't answer your last question.

<SMB> What's your favorite food? :)

<Confused> Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Google it.

<SMB> Well, I think that's about it. Thank you for being interviewed! I'm sure the newer users will be ecstatic to see a veteran wiki user's experiences on the wiki.

<Confused> Thanks for having me. I'm always open to sharing my experiences on the wiki.