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Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Hello cosmonauts, welcome to Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Tips Corner. Your friend Coincollector is here to tell you the first tip on a new and improvised subject. Surprised?

OK, as you can see, I discussed making some changes to this issue with the ’Shroom staff. The staff and I decided to make considerable changes to this section, trying to make it more interesting because I’ve noticed that we were tired talking only about Mario Kart this and Mario Kart that… Therefore we ended up creating this new section entitled the Cosmic Tip Corner, a section dedicated to talking about tips involving the two latest platformer adventures of our favorite red‐capped plumber: Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario galaxy 2. And don’t worry: Just because we changed this section for another one doesn’t mean I don’t know about this subject, so prepared yourselves because this tip is out of this world ;)

The tip of this month talks about the varied power‐ups that Mario has gained in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Let’s see each power‐up and its specialties.

  • Fire Mario: The most classic power‐up makes a return in Mario Galaxy 2. With a Fire Flower, Mario’s outfit changes in color and he is able to shoot fireballs. These can burn his enemies and light objects like torches and other objects that can be consumed by fire. Once transformed, take care as you have a limited time to use this power‐up, and once that time has passed, the power‐up wears off. As additional note, in SMG2 this power‐up is now very rare to find.
  • Rock Mario: This power‐up comes from when Mario gets a Rock Mushroom. His outfit becomes like pieces of rock and is able to turn in a rolling boulder that increases his speed greatly. In this almost unstoppable state, Mario can bowl over almost any enemy in its way until he bumps against some hard object like a dense wall. In the boulder form, Mario has enough strength to ram into objects that are going to fall and take speed ramps to gain more speed and pass large gaps. The good thing of this power‐up is that it doesn’t have a restricted time in which it wears‐off, but if you’re hit by an enemy, the power‐up disappears.
  • Bee Mario: Mario becomes an adorable and chubby bee when he gets a Bee Mushroom. With this power‐up he can fly like a bee for a short time. a meter near to him will show the remaining time you have to keep flying. Once all that time has finished, Mario cannot fly unless he lands to regain the time and fly again. This power up only disappears if Mario is hit by an enemy or if he takes a shower.
  • Spring Mario: Mario is wrapped in a very elastic coil when he gets a Spring Mushroom. With this power‐up on hand, Mario can jump higher than usual, going on steep hills without sliding downhill and bouncing over walls. The bad news about this power‐up, is that it is kind of uncontrollable; while using it Mario cannot walk well but jumps all the time.
  • Boo Mario: That’s how Mario would look if he died in the real world. But don’t worry, that form he got comes from using a Boo Mushroom. With this Power‐up, Mario can float freely in the air and become occasionally invisible to pass through some wall. Curiously, with this form Mario can also get other Boos’ attention, causing them to follow him, not for an attack but more like, for a date? As you’re a Boo, you also get a Boo’s weak points. In this case Mario shouldn’t be exposed to light or else his power‐up disappears. For that reason, this power‐up only can be found in dark areas.
  • Drill Mario: Well, I dunno if there is an exact name for this form (in fact it is Mario holding a Drill), although he gains some abilities when taking one of these items. With a drill, Mario can use his spin to bore through the ground, crossing from one side of a planet to the other or reaching underground areas. Mario will drop the item he is holding and his abilities if he gets hurt by an enemy.
  • Cloud Mario: Maybe the most popular power‐up seen in this game. Mario gets baggy overalls and a cap that resemble clouds when he finds a Cloud Flower. In cloud form, the plumber has three clouds following him, so that he can use them to create his own platforms to reach inaccessible areas. With this ability, Mario can also step on clouds, because he becomes very light and with that he can also make very long jumps and fall slowly from great heights. The clouds he is carrying can only be used three times, so you can’t do more platforms when you have used them all, but you can regain the clouds if you take another Cloud Flower. This is another item that disappears if Mario touches water.
  • Rainbow Mario: The most powerful ability, which Mario can get when he picks up a Rainbow Star. The star makes Mario totally invincible, speedy (to the point he is hard to control) and able to defeat any enemy in a psychedelic color shower just by touching it. The Rainbow form has a restricted time and wears off once that time has passed, turning Mario back to normal.

Well, here we finish with Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Tips Corner for this month. And remember to look at the stars and make a wish when you see a red‐capped comet crossing the sky. Sometimes after reading this article I miss posting Mario Kart tips… Let’s hope I can make at least one more next month.